• Give to God what belongs to God.

    Of course God can save Egypt. However, if you rephrased the question to will he then I would have to change my answer to no. Then again, I'm not God and I don't have that kind of knowledge. We've been given specific instructions on what to do in our lives and no where does it say that we need to but into God's personal business. Sometimes I believe there are no more christains. I think its interesting though that our God fearing and God loving country is ripping the God right out of us all. Does it not say that a man who supports his country and government also supports God's law? Does it not also say to give to caeser what belongs to caeser and give to God what belongs to God? This might just be me but if me and a buddy were about to get our butts handed to us by a wrath of uncertainty and pain then I probably wouldn't do anything to piss off my buddy. The point I'm trying to make is why is our government so eager to get rid of someone who is so eager to help them out? Our country obviously has its own kinks we need to be working out before we can begin predicting someone else's fate.

  • Yes, God can do anything.

    God has the ability to save Egypt. Whether or not He will choose to do it is something that humans may not be able to figure out. Egypt has long been an area where religions other than those that acknowledge God as the Supreme Higher Power have been practiced, even in Bible times. However, that does not take away God's ability to save the country.

  • The delusion of some sort of god is the underlying cause of the turmoil in Egypt and most of the world.

    There is no evidence now or ever that some uncaused, timeless, spaceless, changeless, immaterial being who is all powerful, all knowing, all present, all loving, perfectly moral and perfectly benevolent has ever intervened in the affairs of humanity. Unfortunately what we see in Egypt and the region is simply the best that the collective of delusional and ignorant humans there can do. True resolution, peace and prosperity will only occur following a major religious emancipation.

  • Maybe if He Existed

    God has never had a hand in human dealings, for if he had, Egypt wouldn't be the only thing being 'saved'. In fact if God were real, the notion of asking if he could do something would suggest he is in fact not omnipotent. Not to mention immoral and cruel when we have an entire world in turmoil and hate and suffering, and he decides to do nothing about it.

  • No, God Cannot Save Egypt

    God has never saved anyone from anything. I do not believe in a higher power. I believe in the power of the people. The only people who can save Egypt are the people of the world. There is no evidence to support that god exists, and even if there was a god I don't believe that it would spend it's time trying to fix our problems.


    Just like how God has never saved anything in your lifetime. God does not save anybody from anything. Not in the terms of economic or social struggles like the topic is referring too. Above and beyond that, if a God were to intervene, who's God would do so? I do believe that the different deities worshiped on this earth would do radically different things if they did indeed come down and alter the current situation in Egypt.

  • No, I do not believe God can save Egypt

    All through the Bible, and through the intervening thousands of years, Egypt has time and again done things that go counter to everything they should be doing to be "right" with God and the rest of the world. Not only can God not save Egypt, Egypt itself has shown that it cannot save itself.

    Yes, Egypt tried with the Arab Spring, but the person they put in charge has now taken full control of the country and has run counter to what the people wanted.

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