• Never mind ultra instinct 1 word hakai

    First of all none of those screw attack fans can say **** ssj2 is the same as base form are you crazy Anyway goku on a whole if you go for anime or manga goku destroys superman in speed strength durability take your pick hes just better overall AND THATS BASE FORM never mind his other multiple forms that stacks his already universe destroying base form (confirmed in both anime and manga by beerus vs goku) speaking of manga alot of things superman fan boys and goku fans either ignore or forget goku knows the hakai admittedly he needed every ounce of energy just to activate he still knows it so 1 word from goku and superman goes bye bye but if thats abit too op for you hows this if goku can annihilate a macrocosm (bare in mind thats a cluster of ever expanding universes and heaven hell so on) and if you say it was half beerus again bare in mind he was exerting an EQUAL FORCE to counter beerus so thats basically a solo feat superman has never come that close except cosmic armour but lets not go there

  • I’m fairly new, so I’ll start light

    Yes, Goku is very powerful. But please do mind not to overestimate his base form or even powered up forms. Superman himself has an Arsenal of capabilities, such as super strength, invulnerability (something goku lacks), speeds that exceed that of light, hearing far superior, x Ray vision, frost breath, heat vision, enhanced healing, flight, and enhanced intelligence. And that is Superman’s base form. To also mention, the strength of Superman also depends on the writer. Some writers made him so weak that he struggles in lifting houses, while some writers have made him so utterly strong, his base form can destroy an Entire solar system by a sneeze. So if you were to take his weakest form, yes, he’ll struggle and most likely fall to goku (of course even his weakened base form is still superior of that of goku’s Base form and will put up a good fight) and if you were to take his strongest form, then there is no competition there. And may I remind you, it’s his base form, that is not even mentioning sun enhanced Superman, such as Superman One million

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orangeglasses says2018-12-27T07:01:59.733
My vote goes to Goku because it looks like Goku is more powerful than Superman here is a comparison of their powers https://justotakuthings. Com/blogs/news/ultra-instinct-goku-vs-superman-who-would-win

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