• It's not even close anymore

    Superman has to accelerate to pass light speed, and Goku can teleport. Superman can maybe destroy planets with some effort, but Goku and Beerus are literally strong enough to destroy the entire universe with one energy attack. Beerus taps a planet with one finger, and it explodes. Just the shockwaves from their punches destroy planets and stars light years away. Akira has already stated Goku will soon be more powerful than Beerus or Whis. SSG Goku can heal his injuries and because he's a Saiyan it makes him even stronger. Superman is outclassed in every way at this point. Goku VS Superman is not a fight anymore.

  • No he can't

    Superman is can move faster than light can destroy solar systems with a sneeze and can hold a black hole in his hands goku is outclassed here and goku has no energy attack big enough or strong enough to destroy more than two planets he was almost killed by a laser beam from a side character In his currently strongest form! And still after 450 episodes ago can't survive an exploding plant let alone a small super nova

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