• Yes they CAN

    Should Google be trusted? No, because they have sold our information and there Gmail services reads our emails to sell to advertising companies. Google is a massive company that can be trusted but it also needs a certain level of transparency to its millions of users. If Google gets too big then people will be afraid to stand up to it and stop using it.

  • Yes, they've built a trust with the public and with businesses regarding SEO.

    I believe that Google can be trusted as much as any other Internet source. Google has become so dependable in so many ways to consumers, that they have built a huge trust with consumers. Compared to other companies, such as Yahoo, I believe that Google probably has the highest standing among Internet users.

  • Previous Track Record

    In 2012 it paid a 22.5 million dollar fine from the FTC for breaking a promise to stop following its customers. This clearly tells us that misuses our info and can make us venerable to the goers who mean harm. The Fact that such a widely used company is recieving so many fines tells us that its previous track records must also reflect badly

  • Google will sell your information.

    When a company sells and monitors a person's information, then Google or any other company cannot be trusted. Google is reliable about directing a person on the internet, but they will sell you out to anyone who has money and wants to know about you. We no longer have privacy on the internet!

  • Google can be trusted now, but they are quickly becoming a monopoly.

    Google is venturing into a lot of consumer goods. If they succeed in the markets, they will then own the marketing business and manipulate it, like Rockefeller and Morgan have done in the past. This will require the government to interfere and break up Google's probable monopoly. Google must be careful in reigning in its company so that it can maintain consumer trust.

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