• It actually works well

    I am on all three major networks, Facebook, Twitter, google+.
    All you really need to do is look at how activity on each is classified and used. I have never gotten into twitter, I don't know many who have. I use it like a RSS feed and never post.
    Facebook is disguisting. This is personal preference, but a giant long unorganised list of rubbish I don't want to see. Groups without subjects, I can't stand it, I never have.
    Google+ on the other hand I find perfect. It's a sweet mid way. I use it as a twitter style feed for news, I check it many times a day. I am active in many communities. I use it like forums used to be used. Do I care my irl friends aren't there... Truth is, no, if I want to see the junk they post I'd go to Facebook.
    I see it passing twitter in no time, and the way it's integrated into everything, people will end up using it, and realising it really isn't all that bad, and hopefully it is used better than Facebook is now.

  • I think it could.

    I have been seeing many improvements with google plus lately and I feel that they are putting a lot more money and effort into getting people to use it. With enough time and integration into other websites, I think that it could take over Facebook as the next big thing, even though the rollout was slow.

  • Google+ is for meeting new people.

    Google+ connect you with people other than just your friends, people that you share interests with. Google+ also has better features, allowing you to interact with all kinds of things. Google+ also has a streamlined, easier to use interface, allowing users to interact easier. Google+ also has "circles" which let you share things with only a certain group of people, simpler than facebook's friend lists.

    Overall, I think Google+ is a better social network, and can pass Facebook.

  • Google Plus will be number one

    Google Plus has more features than Facebook. Facebook used people's ignorance to sell people's privacy. Google Plus is more interesting and more secure. Google Plus is like everything all in one place. Google hasn't been around for long enough to be compared with Facebook, but with time Google will sure crush Facebook like a bug. I honestly already like Google Plus more than Facebook.

  • Of course...

    I don't want my parents to watch what I'm doing on Facebook - no privacy whatsoever! A friend of mine recently used Facebook to do some "not safe" social networking, and his ex-girlfriend tracked him down!

    Facebook = no privacy! At least with Google+, it's backed with a company that cares about privacy.

    All my friends are moving to Google+ and quitting Facebook, it's only a matter of time before I do the same.

  • Well

    I suppose it can. I don't think it's tremendously likely, because Facebook has a huge population of addicts that will never leave no matter how many abuses Facebook perpetrates against them, but it is theoretically possible Facebook goes one step too far and everyone bails in favor of Google+.

  • Yes. In time I think G+ will become more popular than Facebook

    Since Facebook was around first it was able to gain a lot of users, but over time FB began to misuse their users data. Users began to realize how little control they have over their data and personal privacy. Changing the TOS without telling users, that's just bad business. Aside from the usability nightmares, FB has tried to improve with little success, but I think in the end, it's a bit too late and people a getting fed up with FB. People will realize, that G+ is much easier and more efficient to use.

  • sure...

    Anything is possible with enough time!

  • Yes, because Google has the reach and the power to surpass Facebook.

    Surpassing Facebook in popularity would simply be a matter of exposure and marketing. Much in the same way as Facebook replaced MySpace by becoming the new hip thing to try out, Google Plus has the capability of doing the same to Facebook. With the reach that Google has, through their search engine service and Android operating system, if anyone has the capability to become popular enough to overtake Facebook, it is Google Plus.

    Posted by: KnownEvan
  • Yes, Google + could surpass Facebook

    While Facebook does have a large head start on Google +, Google + is powered by well Google. We have seen just how much a company name with a following can make anyone do just about anything. If Facebook made a web browser it could easily become as large as Google Chrome just as Google + could become as big or bigger than Facebook as a social networking site.

  • Nobody home and forced integration are the major factors.

    I was forced to get a google+ account because I'm a die hard you tuber. That said I was mad, reluctant and finally gave in...However there is nobody home on Google + this account will stay in
    cryogenic stasis everybody is on Facebook, I did not even want that, my kids have been after me for years . Now I think I'm going to like it....I do not see a future for google+ and the way it was imposed leaves a sour taste....They will live and learn, advertisers aren't crazy either everybody looses... In my opinion it's too late. Personal security is also a big factor...

  • Reluctant use perhaps

    Google Plus can maybe surpass Facebook, but not in terms of genuine popularity -- only in terms of people who reluctantly use Google Plus because Google aggressively creates more and more artifical access barriers to rival services.

    The term "popularity" in the context of Google today is a bit like asking whether those goo-pods in the Matrix movies are "popular" with the people.

  • Google+ usability sucks big time

    Google+ interface just plain sucks -- can't figure out what half of the notice you get on gmail mean, can't figure out how to easily add someone (circles? I added someone to my circle, then got a gmail warning about that person having added me yet I don't see how I can act on that. ..) Horrible usability.

  • Googles Platform Needs To Be Realistic

    When I log on I feel like I'm on a small Island in the middle of the Ocean.

    Google will always be the #1 Search Engine, they've mastered that. And that's why 2/3 of the people think they can sweep up all their Users. But technically they already did. Doesn't mean their platform will ever be used. If McDonalds started trying to sell Computers, not too sure how well that'd go.

  • google+ is very complicated.

    G+ is very complicated, hangouts are related to YouTube, circles, and ads, I feel people feel more comfortable on Facebook. As for privacy you can always change you privacy settings on Facebook, Google's apps are all connected and that is very irritating at times. If you do one thing on YouTube it comes on your G+, even then Facebook is much better even if you see the games and reach out.

  • Google+ is younger, and less advanced

    Google+ younger and less advanced. Facebook had earned its medal of gold. Next follows twitter, and finally MySpace, tumblr, etc. Social networks need features. Google+ has a extremely beautiful handouts, but it is not very often used.
    If people start using those handouts instead of Skype, it will turn it possitive since google+ works better (means that has less technical problems, sound or video)
    Also, Facebook has the video chat (sponsored by skype) but still don't work as good as google+

  • no. i dont see that happening in flick of time

    i do have an opinion that it wont happen in a flick of time as i myself has both facebook and google+ accounts but i mostly prefer facebook. first of all facebook has become such a giant network. secondly with its easier user interface. thirdly people are so hooked with facebook. fourthly, google has no appealing factor that differentiates it from Facebook.....if we say people switched from orkut to Facebook, they had their reasons and they were convincing provided a newly changed view of networking with easier interface, but i personally don't see that happening with Google +. but the cards will flip if Google provides some interesting catch to its users....

  • Facebook is too far ahead to be surpassed by any other social network.

    Facebook overtook Myspace in a flash, and has absolutely taken off in popularity since then. At this point, people's lives are just integrated with Facebook and, as such, I have trouble seeing Google Plus catching it in overall popularity. Google Plus could be a solid competitor and could get a sizable following, but I don't see it catching up with Facebook, unless the people in charge of making sure Facebook continues to run smoothly make some huge mistakes, down the line.

    Posted by: TwoVic

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