Can Greece's economy ever recover? If yes, how?

Asked by: Fighter_1944
  • Greeks Will Recover Constantinople

    The Greeks, a strong people who have conquered and innovated throughout history. This is not the first time the Turks have defeated Greece, but everytime Greece falls, they get back up and continue the fight. Turks in Constantinople are only pretenders. The Hellenic people will retake Constantinople and bring it back to its proper, rightful owner. That is how the Greek economy will recover. Hellenika will never bow down to the Turks.

  • "Possibility" doesn't mean "likelihood"

    If at any given time there are powerful foreign interests interested enough in Greece's recovery this will happen. It's what have happened repeated times in Argentina as well. That country has gone from fall to raise over the history several times ("zombie-land" is laughable compared to the recovery of this country).

  • Greece has two giant economic flaws

    Currently, Greece does not collect taxes from 90% of its population and its retirement age is 53. I hope Greece can address both of these untenable, economic issues. If they do not, then Greece will return to bankruptcy.

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  • Not with their current government

    The Greek history has absolutely nothing to do with this argument. Their Government is corrupt and lazy and the economic problems are a direct result of that. The only way they can pull themselves out of this is if they are supervised by a super power who can help whip them into shape, otherwise, they will continue to fail.

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