Can grownups let kids remain kids without polluting their innocence?

  • Yes, of course.

    I believe that most kids do remain kids without their "innocence" being polluted. What it means to be a kid changes throughout time. I believe that kids are growing up faster, but this is a societal and culture change. Kids do still have ample time to play with toys and games with their friends and to use their imagination.

  • Yes they can.

    It is possible for adults to let kids remain kids without polluting their innocence. Sadly this doesn't happen very often anymore. Adults often expose kids to things that they shouldn't be exposed to. Fighting, cuss words, violent movies and many other things. I wish it were the 1950's sometimes because those were innocent times.

  • Parents mean well

    I do feel grownups can let kids remain kids without polluting their innocence. Grownups and parents just know what is best for the kids and do not want to see them get hurt in any shape, way, or form. They still have a lot to learn and life experiences to go through.

  • Yes, but it's hard today.

    The job of adults is to let kids remain kids in all their innocence, although that is very hard today with all the reality tv programs as well as the computer images and such that they are exposed to. It is sad to see little ones knowing so much so early.

  • Yes they can.

    Parents can let their kids remain kids without polluting their innocence. As long as the parents are responsible and do not let their kids be exposed to thing that they should not, they will be fine. Parents today are becoming more and more over bearing, which is ruining their kids childhood.

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