• Yes, he was.

    Ford became increasingly anti-immigrant and anti-Semite. A friend had quoted him as saying that he "attributes all evil to Jews or to the Jewish capitalists" around a campfire. He bought the local paper in Dearborn and publish anti Jewish propaganda stating that Jewish people were involved in a conspiracy that was destroying the country.

  • History Supports This Idea

    Henry Ford can be fairly considered an anti-Semite. He voiced opinions that he believe there was a conspiracy that the Jews were in control of the world and that they also played a huge hand in World War I, particularly causing it. He later apologized for having these opinions, but this was around the time Ford was considering running for president.

  • Even for his time

    Even at a time that was generally considered anti-semitic, Henry Ford was a hardcore anti-semite. Ford repeatedly hosted Nazi party officials in his house (even after the war in Europe began), was the only American mentioned by name in Hitler's book, and bought a small newspaper specifically in order to print anti-Jewish propaganda (notably the Protocols of the Elders of Zion).

  • He had his tendencies.

    Yes, Henry Ford can fairly be considered an anti-Semite, because there was amble evidence that he was. Henry Ford made statements that were anti-Semite. It is nothing that Ford brags about now, but it is something that was in Ford's past. He had some prejudices, and he did not try to hide that one very well.

  • He was not

    No, Henry Ford can not be fairly considered an anti semite, because everything the public knows about him was strictly his business side, where he was just trying to make money and push his business as far as he could. He was a brilliant man in the auto making industry.

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