Can Hilary Clinton convince the American people that she is trustworthy?

  • It will take a lot.

    The more Hillary Clinton talks the deeper the hole gets for her. It is hard to trust someone who doesn't really know what they are saying and who plays off of their gender just to get support. For my money Hillary Clinton is an attention whore who just wants what she wants. If she can get over herself and act like a human being she might be able to convince the country that she is trustworthy, she just has to stop doing what she's doing.

  • No, nobody will ever trust her.

    The Clinton regime can never be trusted. However, the most effective politician is not necessarily the most trustworthy. A politician does need to lie sometimes to get the job done, this is just a necessary evil of the job. Hillary would be the most effective at her job, to be sure.

  • No, Hilary Clinton can not convince the American people that she is trustworthy.

    I do not believe that Hilary Clinton can convince the American people that she is trustworthy. However, I do not believe that means she will lose the presidential election. if this was any other election year against any other candidate other than Donald Trump, I would believe she had no chance of success. However, despite not liking or trusting her very much, I believe the American people will still probably choose her over someone like Trump.

  • Hillary's record speaks for itself.

    I don't think that there is anything Clinton can do to have people earn her trust at this point. Most people who I talk to are completely disgusted by Benghazi and Clinton's email scandal. She is still under FBI investigation, so there is no way that the American people believe she is trustworthy enough to hold the most important position in the world.

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