• Mostly yes, but that depends...

    If this means that we can feel comfortable entrusting the nation to Hillary Clinton and not worry about her doing anything too rash or crazy, then yes, I would say that we can trust her, or at least we can trust her more than we can trust Donald Trump in that role. However, when it comes to whether the character she is portraying in order to try to win the election is the same person who would be sitting in the oval office after her election, I am not sure.

  • Hillary Clinton can be trusted as Commander in Chief

    Hillary Clinton can be trusted as Commander in Chief. Complaints against her have been coming from political enemies, and investigations have shown nothing untoward in her actions. All of the allegations are not credible and overtly political. She is very qualified, having been a U.S. Senator and Secretary of State.

  • Hillary Clinton cannot be trusted as commander in chief

    Hillary Clinton cannot be trusted as local dog catcher, let alone commander in chief. It absolutely boggles the mind that this woman has a great chance, in fact she will likely win, to be President of this great country. My goodness, how low have we fallen as a nation that a woman so untrustworthy can eventually lead us.

  • Hillary would be a terrible commander in chief.

    Hillary Clinton absolutely cannot be trusted as commander in chief. Her role as Secretary of State has been an epic failure, culminating with all of her lies and deceit surrounding Benghazi. The American people do not trust her, and she does not have strong support at all among members of our military.

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