• I am a homosexual

    When you "correct" something you are not curing it.

    But yeah_ if you make my penis hurt really bad with pain from an electric shock machine, EVERYTIME, I think of naked men, gay sex, etc. Etc. And keep it up for a few years + conditioning through the usual beatings+ yes, then you can make me fear sex, feeling disgusted by myself and wrecked with shame


  • Semantically speaking, yes but not really

    As has been stated, "correcting" and "curing" are two very different things. If you were brainwashed into thinking that homosexuals are somehow broken, then any method of torture would certainly "correct" the "problem", but no, you can't make someone be genuinely straight. And I would appeal to the homophobes out there (since really that's the basis for hating homosexuality): if you don't want to live in the 21st century a/o can't tolerate people who are different from you, then move to Russia where homosexuality is illegal. We're not going to be bullied, we're not going to hide in a closet to appease you and we're not hurting you anyway.

    Posted by: adk
  • Sure, exactly the same way heterosexuality and left-handedness can be 'cured'.

    If all you're looking for is a mechanistic, 'can homosexuals be made to stop acting on their homosexual desires', then yes. This is called, depending on the exact context, brainwashing, or psychological torture. However, this is not 'correcting' homosexuality, as homosexuality is not a 'problem' that can be 'fixed'. There is literally no qualitative difference between homosexuality and heterosexuality, save the target of sexual attraction.

    Homosexuality exists in nature, so clearly is not 'unnatural'. Homosexuality does not significantly impact a homosexual's ability to interact with the world and people around them, so it's not a 'mental problem'.
    It's like 'curing' left-handedness; yes ,you can *force* a change in behavior with enough abuse/torture, but those people are still naturally left-handed, they just aren't using their primary hand any more. It's exactly the same with homosexuality. In no instance can you ever genuinely force someone to feel sexually attracted to someone that they simply do not find sexually attractive.

  • You cannot fix what isn't broken.

    You cannot "correct" homosexuality, because there is nothing in need of correction. Some people are gay, so what? It does not harm to society as far as I am concerned and gay people should be left alone instead of constantly harassed and degraded by bigots who think their opinions actually mean something when they do not.

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JustCheNo says2013-06-26T16:44:20.497
Can murder be corrected? Can pedophilia be corrected? Can corruption be corrected? Sure, just stop doing it.