• Homosexuality can be reconciled with Adventism.

    Homosexuality can be reconciled with Adventism. If a person is Gay and belongs to an Adventist religion, they have the option to reconcile and to abastain from any type of sex, and can also receive therapy to try to change their orientation. Homosexuality is not allowed in the Adventist religion, so if someone who is Homosexual wishes to be part of the Adventist church they have to address their homosexual nature by reconciling or by abastaing from sex.

  • Homosexuality can be reconciled with any religion

    The main focus against homosexuality in any of the biblical based religions is Leviticus. A man lying with a man as he lies with a woman is strictly forbidden. There are many other things strictly forbidden from the bible as well that no one follows anymore because they are outdated. That is how this barring of homosexuality can be viewed as just outdated. Even if the parishoners want to call it sinning, they should still welcome all people into their church for salvation.

  • Homosexuality can't be reconciled with Adventism

    I do not believe that homosexuality can be reconciled with Adventism. I am in complete support of homosexuality, but it is against the religion, according to the advent church. There really is no way around that, except if you want to change the entire religion, which obviously isn't a possibility.

  • It is considered against God's law.

    No, homosexuality cannot be reconciled with Adventism, because homosexuality is considered at odds with God's teachings as they are understood by the Adventist church. The Adventist chuch is insistent that sexual behavior should only be between a man and a woman. They do not leave much room for debate in their beliefs on the topic.

  • It Is Doubtful

    The problem with homosexuality and some Christian sects is the fact that they read and understand the Bible in a specific way. When Adventists use the Bible as proof that homosexuality is unsavory they truly believe it and they believe their source of knowledge in infallible. It is doubtful they will change their minds.

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