• Yes she can

    I have literally no idea who Hope Solo is, but I'm sure if she tries hard enough she can get her game back. I am assuming the question is in relation to a sport. I feel determination is one of the strongest weapons we, as humans, possess. So with a positive amount of determination, training and good nutrition, she could achieve anything!

  • Yes, Hope Solo can find her game and sucess again

    Hope Solo is a disciplined athlete who made a few mistakes and will need to make adjustments to correct her game. It is typical of athletes such as Hope Solo that learn from mistakes and refocus on their goals. As she is just one member of the soccer team, it is fortunate that the rest of the team helped to recover the game.

  • Yes, she can

    She's one of the best in the world in goal. She hasn't looked great and neither has the whole team, but the US women's team are winners and they will find their game. so will Hope Solo. I think once she's mentally focused, she'll find her game again. It's good for the team to face and conquer challenges.

  • She needs to go

    Like many of the soccer fans, all I see when Hope Solo is on the field is an abusive woman who beat up her boyfriend and her nephew . Maybe she has that brain disease that the NFL players have that makes them more aggressive and less empathetic for others. Either way I see her as dangerous. Her game will continue to suffer because she's never shown any remorse for what she has done, just constant denial. The fans boo her when she hits the field. That's got to break your concentration.

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