• Without A Need, There Is No Business

    Affordable organs created through human cloning can help eliminate the selling of organs via the black market. If a business does not have a customers, they can't have a business. If human organs can be produced and utilized at an affordable rate, many would turn towards the cloned organs and their legal acceptance over illegal organs. In the simplest of terms, "why seek illegal activity and harsh consequences when I can receive the same thing from the Doctor at the same price."

  • Technically, it could.

    When it comes to human closing possibly putting a stop to illegal organ selling, I do think this could actually happen. As long as human with healthy organs is cloned, you are still getting a healthy and good alternative for organs. I really don't see why it is illegal in the first place.

  • We've already begun solving the problem

    Eventually, as our research into our own biology develops, we will be able to replicate any organ with minimal cost. Our scientists have already grown a liver, its only a matter of time before more complicated organs are being grown in a laboratory. Of course, the implication of this is that there would be that service open to all people, even those in third world countries who conduct these operations. In time it will be a more efficient solution to find a way to get the money to have one grown than it would to buy one on the black market.

  • Cloning Just Raises More Moral Dilemmas

    I do not believe human cloning can stop the selling of illegal organs. Overall, I do not believe the black market for organs is very large because professionals have to be involved with the illegal trade in order for it to be beneficial. Human cloning would not help this, it would only raise more legal and moral questions as to what is appropriate and raise the question about what it means to be human.

  • Human Cloning Can't Stop Illegal Organ Selling

    While human cloning of organs might help lessen organ shortages, it wouldn't put an end to illegal organ selling. Organs are always in need, and there's no reason we should unethically clone organs for transplants. The black market for these organs will only grow larger in the coming years as the shortage gets worse.

  • No, because there will always be people who will want to sell organs illegaly.

    Human cloning would not have a strong effect on illegal organ selling. This is because people will still need organs, and more importantly people without health insurance will still need organs. These organs are vital to life. This is why people will go to extreme ways to get an organ, even if illegally.

  • Cloning cant stop organ selling

    From one side you might tend to think its possible while its not currently at the moment. But to really make sure that we can stop organ selling is the only way to clone but happens if its not available. The prevention of these activities aren't stoppable cuz you can imagine that these people have no jobs and are offered to sell themselves or even their lives. So there is no idea to give about cloning but perhaps there could be a possibility in the future. But still its not going to be fine cuz the clone also lives somehow and its illegal to kill them and use their parts.

    Posted by: Wac
  • It will take too much money for that.

    It will take too much money for the proper way to get organs, so poor people wil have to find the easier way to get the organs for themselves. Even the cost will go down more, and there will be some people who wants the organs cheeper. Rhere are always some people who wants but doesn't have money.

  • There Will Always Be Black Markets

    Organs will always have a black market because not everyone will be able to afford a clone for medical care. Human cloning is great for organ harvesting, if needed. Cloning can also grow specialized cells for nerve tissue. However, no matter how good a service gets in the world, there will always be a black market for something whether it is organs, drugs or weapons.

  • Human cloning will not stop illegal organ selling

    The cloning of humans will not stop the illegal trade in organs as it will take a very long time before the technology of cloning catches up to the demand for new organs. It will also be a long time before the ability to clone an individual organ will be perfected, tested, and allowed to occur. Until then the demand for organs will always be high and there will be a market for selling organs illegally.

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