Can humanity become better than it is? Humans segregated and trample over anything they can so can we really save ourselves?

Asked by: REmixer
  • Simple answer yes

    Humanity must first admit that it has a problem with all the anger, distrust and separation that has defined its very being. Then true change must begin to take place so that we begin to value the planet, animals and ourselves and don't take the greatness we've achieved for granted. It's only too late to change when all the resources have been wasted and the last person has been poisoned

  • No, sad but true

    In the words of Mr Smith from the Matrix there is only one life form on the earth that does nothing but multiply and destroy. A virus, that is what the human race is, a virus on the earth. The standard in society progressively gets worse, children drinking and smoking earlier, being more obsessed with superficial and materialistic things. Kids being exposed to pornography at a younger age. Climate change and the rapid destroying of the world even though we know the harm but are seemingly making very little effort to fix it. The growth of greed. Society is screwed and will only get worse.

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