• Humanity can easily survive without religion.

    Animals don't have religion and they survive fine. People can have morals without religion and sometimes are more moral without it. Many if not most wars are over religion. Religion has, at times, done harm to humanity. Animals don't kill off the entire species or do great harm without religion, and neither would humans.

  • Yes it can

    Religion may have been helpful in the past but now it's a harmful legacy. The question should be 'can humanity survive WITH religion?'. We have developed tremendous tools of destruction but we still have a large community that actively yearns for the end of the world. If we as a species don't get a harness on the delusion of religion, we could be in for some very hard times.

  • I agree that humanity can survive without religion.

    I believe humanity can and has survived for many years without religion. While many might attribute our modern day living to the structure that religion has given us, the truth is humans have lived many years without religion. Religion didn't start when we were cave dwellers or hunter and gatherers, so I have no doubt humans can surivive without religion.

  • Absolutely Yes. No need of religions

    All the issues world is facing is just because of religions. Religions divide us, humanity unite us. Humanity is the only thing we people need for harmony. Religions are just a tool to control common people.
    As a old saying: "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime; give a man religion and he will die praying for a fish"

  • Yes, Not just survive but THRIVE!!

    Religion is a veil of ignorance perpetuated to control the masses. Such perpetrators of religious doctrine often willfully stifle education and seek to control the minds children such that they become parental religious zealots for the cause. Research has shown that countries with reported lower religiosity are more progressive, moral, happier and tolerant!

  • I say yes we can.

    I am a Christian but I am highly agianst the word religion, even the bible warned us about different religions and how they will pervert a nation just take Islamic countries for example and sadly Western countries such as America have even twisted and watered down Christianity. We need less religious people with titles and fancy names and more believers. Your a Muslim fine but you don't have to use violence as a means of covertness, likewise I am a Christain I should not act on violence or hate of any means to my witness, so that I can be a legit civilian in my community without causing fights and not blaming my religion for my actions agianst humanity so yes I do believe that we can live without religion, but we cannot live without believers.

  • Yes please no religion

    Love your neighbours, love your brother and sister as you love yourself . Look beyond a higher being we are all one without any prejudice xxxx ... One example of how crazy religion is .... If hitler had found God and asked for forgiveness before he died , then he would walk hand in hand with Jesus . All the innocent Jewish , gays and gypsies he had slaughtered would not be allowed into heaven because the do not believe Jesus was the son of God ! .... What a crazy place and mind set is that !!! ......

  • Yes we can and no we won't

    Religion is an integral part of our belief system. With the onset of intelligence and evolved of consciousness our brains have become hardwired to believe in something that is outside of our own awareness. Some scientists believe that since we became self aware there is a crucial need to develop a belief mechanism to compensate for our inability to comprehend our own mortality.

    Think for a minute, can you really imagine not existing after you die? Its an impossible thought to comprehend. If we could realise our own non existence then it would probably drive us insane.

  • People need inclusion, frame of reference for identity, and community

    Humans are community oriented, social, animals. We are also self-serving. We are vulnerable. We are animals. We are capable of great destruction and horrible acts of violence. Most people are not leaders. Most people are not dedicated to the philosophy of mankind. Most people rely on some form of leadership to understand who they are, and what to do to survive, and if lucky, thrive. What prevents people from taking out their negative experiences/emotions on others? The larger function might be the harm to community, on which we are all dependent...But in a small moment, people are not thinking of community, they are thinking of their pain, and how to survive to get through it. Religion provides the sort of 'parenting' that most people need to function within a community. It guides people about who they are, who the world is, how they fit, and what to do to survive, and if lucky thrive. A world without religion would be chaos. I am not religious, but have benefited greatly from the vast historical work of those who wished to herd people into righteous community, and also from the organized humanitarian work of religious people, as well as the buffering effect of religious leaders, and religious people in areas of conflict etc. As I said, I don't believe in G-d, and am not religious, and certainly religion has done some horrible things...We are all human, but without the buffering effect of religion, and the organizational/community power of religion, I believe-- as violent as human history is -- it would be even more violent and despicable. Perhaps, through evolution, 'humanity' will live up to its definition, and organized religion will not be needed to control the masses.

  • Okay seriously stop

    I get that you have a religion but some people take religion the wrong way. For me, being a christian, you get your chill on. I don't 'survive' off of something as pretentious as what the church teaches. What I mean by that, I go to a Pentecostal church and they believe that if you give up everything you love in order to survive, you'll get into heaven. I don't exactly believe that is true, like I said, I get all up in my chill, know what I mean? Yeah, I guess you can say you can live without it, but in the end, you have to make a final decision on whether you believe or not.

    Posted by: kthx

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