Can humans possibly fix the climate and do you think it's dangerous?

Asked by: Chtholly
  • Your question is the ramblings of a fool.

    I hate your question. It is meant to deceive and hurt children. Why do you generate such nonsense?

    If I answer yes to your stupid question, Then I state that humans can fix the climate, And that it's dangerous. If I say no to your asshole question, Then it's equivalent to saying that humans cannot fix the climate or it's not dangerous, Where "or" in this case is inclusive. Because you so moronically insist on shoving two questions into one, The voters are forced to vote on meaningless dribble.

    I think your lack of care demonstrates that you hate people. You despise honest debate where people can express their opinions without fear of subversion. The whole climate schtick is irrelevant to your larger problem. I wouldn't be surprised if you served up your "A and B" bullshit elsewhere on this site. Readers take note.

    The only solution for you is church. You need to visit a church and pray for forgiveness. Get on your knees and confess to God that you have gone far astray. Fast and undergo a cleansing penitence before you think about posting lies ever again.

  • Humans destroyed the climate without even trying. Of course we can fix it with considerably less effort.

    If society just happened upon CO2 as a way to warm the climate, Then certainly with the ability to discern between hundreds of options, We could find a substance that when released into the atmosphere, Is far more potent than carbon dioxide at cooling the climate. The only reason climate change is hard to fight in 2020 is because so much of the debate centers around stemming the flow of carbon dioxide, Rather than counteracting it.

  • Why would people want to

    It would be insanely expensive to create something that can control the weather and it would be for a dumb reason unless some type of crazy storms started. It would also be very hard for even the smartest minds to create something so advanced especially something that is impossible to do.

  • Climate change is

    Something the earth does on its own, With or without us. It is not dangerous at all since it is so slow that evolution and adaptation would already have done their thing during it. We cannot stop the earth's natural processes, And we have no reason to, As it is completely harmless.

  • Climate bigotry is hateful

    Once again, I'm asked about the climate, And not about my LGBT rights. I want to express my gender by exercising my sexual rights, But all people want to talk about is how the glaciers are going to melt. What use is a stable climate if we have gender bigots? We should stop all talk about the climate until we create a healing space free from queer bashing. Anti-gay climatologists will some day have to answer for their continued ignorance of gender fluidity. We need to stand for rights, Including trans rights, Otherkin rights, Genderqueer rights, Genderfuck rights, Third spirit rights, And demigender rights. People are just going to have to postpone their whining about the climate until all sexualities, Genders, And identification oriented folk are validated. Like women, Gendergay rights are the future, And saying otherwise is gender hatred.

  • We can not fix it, And it's the most dangerous thing

    Climate change can easily be dangerous in specific regions in the world, North pole, And where the larger glaciers are, If they melt then the states on the coast of the US could be gone, Australia would be nearly submerged, New Zealand and most of Japan would be submerged.
    What makes this so dangerous is that we're causing it, And we don't really have a way to stop it either. What i mean is that, We're a bit too far gone to really change how we use resources, There's no way the world could keep functioning without using Oil, Gas, And similar things for however long it takes to switch to eco-friendly means.
    What we've done, Causes things such as Acid rain to become a thing, This changed landscapes a lot. We've also caused the Yearly High temps and low temps to change a lot, Summers have become much hotter, And winters became colder

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