Can improvements in technology make people more isolated?

Asked by: ramramgeorge
  • My friend is ALWAYS on her ipad

    She always wants to play games or call or text or watch TV. Whenever I suggest something she's like we have to watch this new video and I'm like okay. Technology has come a long way it can be necessary like in a fire or injury, but it stops people from talking remotely. I think some technology is great but to much is to much and I think we are crossing that line.

  • Absolutely, but that does not mean this has to be ignored.

    Technology is a truly great thing; we can thank technology for everything we do and enjoy in our lives. However, technology (much like anything) has a tendency to become misused and become a form of escapism.

    Take the oculus VR for example, it an incredible piece of technology that can be used in many ways to teach many people, but after experiencing it for myself, you could almost say the oculus VR is like one giant hallucination where you can get the full-on experience of being the ultimate fantasy character of your dreams in various games that offer limitless adventure. Anybody with any brain and VR experience can see this piece of equipment being a crucial declining factor in social capital via escapism should our society remain content with people isolating themselves in their own little worlds. And believe me, technology, individualism, and hedonism are already contributing to this decline according to Robert Putnam in his "bowling alone" essay/written work:


    Social capital is essential for keeping humans and society in top psychological shape. Its something that is essential for maintain the pillars of democracy and the values our society stands upon. Without significant social capital, I can assure you the human species would have never underwent the changes it did to get us here in the first place.

    However, the solution to this is really quite simple. Just drill it in the minds of the people that technology is a tool (a useful tool) and nothing more. For we are suppose to be the masters of technology, not the other way around.

  • Yes it does

    Improving technology makes people more isolated because they are all going to want the newest thing, or what is in. People will not be socializing with other people, and furthermore, they will sit inside all day on their electronics. In conclusions, technology does not need to keep getting upgraded all the time.

  • Definitely Creates Such an Opportunity

    Technology can motivate people to ignore living. It already has and always will. The "next big thing" excites people more than anything else, not matter the sacrifices one makes for it. Once someone attains that "next big thing", they are most likely going to shut themselves off from social experiences until their new gadget is figured out and they are satisfied with their progress.

  • Connecting our world in just seconds

    Technology has made things happen quicker that used to take forever. Like just a simple conversation. Instead of writing a letter with pen on paper and sending it to the postal office, To now just typing up a little fun message with cute characters and all in under a couple of sentences. Now we can have reminders which tell us when an event will be taking place instead of a calendar which won't send an alarm on your phone. We can also have pictures and videos to remind us of our loved ones and to remember places we have once visited. Technology has overall helped and connected us with the world in just seconds.

  • Connection, with the world

    Hey world, what we are doing right now is connecting and exchanging thought, through technology. Want to grab a beer? Message your friend to show up in 20 minutes? Playing with game? Millions of people are interacting with you online. How can technology isolate people? It connect people, make our lives more diverse,

  • Technology is a necessity.

    Conixat, I quite agree with your opinion because whether most people like to admit it or not, technology has come from a long way with us. With the continuation in the advancement of technology do we see improvements in nation building across the world. It has made connection between people such as friends and families if possible, a lot easier too. So, closer bonds between people should not become a problem as it depends on the individuals themselves to put technology to good use. About shyness and anti-social problems, personally, again, I think it depends on the individual. Everyone is different even without technology in the picture, there are still a number of us who struggle to mingle with the crowd. I have seen shy people gain confidence in themselves little by little as they are more exposed to social media via gadgets and such. I think technology is a medium that they could use to interact with people from their comfort zone. It's not always easy to jump head first without any experience or confidence at all to socialize with others. Everything takes time and technology is there at every step of the way.

  • It indeed CAN do so. However making people connected is MORE OFTEN. (I think the question is misleading)

    The advancements in communication technology help people connect. Nowadays people utilize the online tools to exchange thoughts. For instance, it is seen that some social movements are collaborated by strangers online. It is not fair to only emphasize the negative impact of improvement in technology. Please always remember that there is also upside.

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