• Sure, just blow the country up

    Science has shown that if you drop nukes on people so that they die, then they die. If we nuke India into oblivion, then there wont be any more people, which by extension means there wont be any more corruption either. Now of course people say 'we shouldnt nuke people' but we also should let people be corrupt so which is it hippies?

    But yes, India can get rid of corruption if it gets nuked extensively enough

  • Not so long as the conservatives continue existing

    The conservatives have ruined India, much like how they're ruining America. It's all because of the Gandhi's. It's so disrespectful that people like Rajiv and Sonia are ruining the name of Mahatma, who gave them it as a means of them existing peacefully, by going against his words. But to drag the whole damn country down into the mud is disgusting and shows just how low conservatards are willing to go to make a buck.

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