Can intensive farming be used today without creating another Dust Bowl-type situation?

  • Yes we have enough technology

    Extensive farming could be done today with a dust bowl situation. The reason for this is technology. There have been so many advancements that farmers could not grow widespread in a smaller area without having to worry about too many risks. Technology has brought farming a long way over the past 50 years.

  • Intensive farming can be used.

    I think that due to the advent of certain technologies that were not around when the dust bowl happened, we can intensively mine again without running the risk of causing another extreme dust bowl. I think that it is at least worth a shot to bring back farming to America.

  • Lessons Were Learned

    I believe that farmers know what the line is when considering intensive farming and how something like a Dust Bowl-type situation happens. I believe it can be helped or minimized, but I doubt it can be fully avoided. I believe the Dust Bowl was probably created through a mix of over farming and unseasonably dry and windy weather. The area would still suffer from Dust Bowl effects if the weather pattern repeated.

  • No, nature is nature.

    We in the free world, especially in the United States, seem to think that we can always do something that nature does not agree with. No matter how much technology we have, intensive farming is quite likely to create the same conditions that made the Dust Bowl happen some years ago.

  • You Will Get The Same Results

    The Dust Bowl was a combination of over working the ground and a drought. The mid-west continues to experience droughts in summers and some say it is getting worse. It has been said by some experts that the mid-west area of the United States will become dryer and more arid in the future. If intensive farming is used, we will create a Dust Bowl, nothing has changed.

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