Can Internet filters be viable options while still protecting the right of free speech?

  • Internet filters can and should exist.

    I think that we can have internet filters in place while still maintaining the right to our freedom of speech. I think that certain filters can be a boon to the internet and can be a positive thing in America. So I am favor of itnernet filters for our internet.

  • It depends if the filter is an option or not.

    If the filter is an option and not forced then it can be an option and still protect free speech. People should have the right to decide for themselves and limit as they see fit for themselves, but if it is forced on people it would limit freedom of speech.

  • They can, although usually they are not.

    An internet filter could in theory block pornography and vulgar websites, while at the same time allowing legitimate political sites and thus continuing to respect freedom of speech. In practice however a plethora of legitimate political sites, such as sites that support the Second Amendment e.g. the NRA, are somehow blocked due to filters, and thus do not protect the right of free speech.

  • No. Can we say Orwellian?

    Freedom of speech isn't possible with filters on the internet. They will undoubtedly be used by political parties to shut out what they don't want you to know or talk about, It's just a matter of time.

    Look at how countries like to hide the dodgy/evil things they do and how they come down so hard on whistle blowers. If they didn't do these bad things they would have no fear of transparency.

  • No, filters should not be used.

    By their very definition Internet filters restrict free speech. It is impossible to have filters in place while still keeping free speech open for everyone. In order to let free speech work as it was intended, Internet filters have to be removed, since they are little more than censorship in most cases.

  • Generally we should not

    If you mean internet filters that parents can turn on or you mean a website has rules then that's fine. But for the whole internet, censoring information NO. That's not OK. People should be able to speak freely on the internet. Especially in the United States where we are supposed to have freedom of speech.

  • I don't see how anyone could say yes

    By introducing internet filters you are limiting people. If someone wants a filter on their own site, that's fine. But doing it for the internet completely? I say no. It's like, it's just one of the rules of the internet. You don't want to curse words or explicit content, stay off of the internet

  • Free Speech in the Internet

    Internet filters are not viable options while protecting the right of free speech. This is because people searching the Internet for certain content should be aware of sites which contain profanity, vulgar images, or pornography. Filters would suppress free speech and those who publish politically incorrect content on the Internet.

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