Can investors learn valuable, useful lessons about the stock market from Derek Jeter?

  • sure why not?

    I'm not sure what his stock market experience really is, but you can learn useful things from everyone. You can take from their example by either not replicating their mistakes, or doing what they did to succeed. You can also make little changes here and there to make it work for you. So I don't see why not.

  • There is no correlation between Derek Jeter and the stock market

    While Derek Jeter does have some great qualities, I do not think they have anything to do with the stock market. I'm not sure what lessons Derek Jeter could provide to investors about the stock market, unless he has some little known experience in that field. It seems like two totally unrelated groups of people.

  • Don't Be Fooled, Sport and Investing Are Not The Same

    Derek Jeter may be a legendary baseball player, but that does not mean that his sporting style can be translated into a winning stock market formula.

    It is easy to think that taking expertise from one area to another is a sure-fire method to success. Sadly this is rarely so.

    Just as you would not expect to take Warren Buffet's investment method and transfer this to baseball, please do not buy into articles that recommend following Derek Jeter's sporting ethos for investment success.

    True success comes from following people who are already highly successfully at what you specifically wish to achieve.

  • No, investors can't learn valuable lessons from Derek Jeter.

    Derek Jeter is a shortstop for the Yankees. It is a real stretch to say anybody can learn any valuable lessons from him other than how to play shortstop. I truly hope those who are investing other people's money in the stock market are not treating it like a inconsequential children's game.

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