• It is possible for Islam and democracy to exist

    In an ideal democracy, people are allowed to retain their cultural and religious beliefs while peacefully coexisting with others who may not share the same beliefs. Those who are part of the Muslim religion and live in a democratic society should be free to practice the mores of their religion without being inhibited. However, Muslims should also realize that not everyone will adopt their religion, and should be tolerant of the beliefs of others.

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  • Yes, but not overnight

    I don't believe that Islam and Democracy are mutually exclusive, just that we are attempting to introduce a form of government that is alien to the nations that it is being imposed on. Democracy is in the best interest of the general populace, but the concept of free and fair election is rare in most parts of the world.

  • Yes, if democracy is truly practiced.

    Democracy is all about every person within that democracy being free to be themselves. If there are Muslims living in a democracy should be free to live within the regulations of their religious beliefs. However, those in the Muslim religion should not force their beliefs upon others, as this defeats the purpose of being in a democracy.

  • Could be Yes

    It all depends on what Islam you talking about.There are different muslims groups with different Ideologies.

    But despite this, Democracy seems to be one sure way to identity loss, it is perfectly understandable that people who see th west deriving in plain immorality ,to refrein or avoid one of the west aspects ,namely Democracy

  • No. The two are mutually exclusive.

    Islam is more than just a religion or belief, it is a way of life. If you were a believer and practiced the teachings of the quran then you will find that you could not do so within the context of a democratic society. You will find that muslim countries have laws that reflect the teachings of the quran. The only way for the two to co-exist is for either one to be compromised. In the case of islam you would have to forego some of your beliefs and as for democracy you would need to forego your civil liberties.

  • Radical Islam can't coexist with anyone

    Mainstream Islam is compatible with other religions. Radical Islam is not. Through their perversion of texts and interpretation of the various writings, There can only be one Caliphate under Sharia Law. Everyone else must convert or die. The ignorance and indoctrination of disenfranchised youth who are the future extremists will continue. We will not see an end to radical Islam in our lifetime. Unfortunately we must either kill them or them us because they won't stop until there is only one God whose name is Allah. They will never accept Western thought.

  • Much the same as with any religion...

    Democracy is based on the will of the people. If your state is ruled by a religion, and that religion has horrible things put out to do to people who disagree, how can they coexist?

    I think that the only way religion can coexist with any democracy is for people's religious rights to be protected, but have no influence on or place in government. Keeping the government secular protects all of our beliefs.

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  • Not possible at all

    Islam has its own laws. The people follow their imam, and the laws are based on Qu'ran. In a democracy, everyone has the right to equal treatment. Such cannot be found in Islamic countries as women are suppressed. Equality cannot exist if the society favors only the voices of men. There is the mandate to convert, kill, or tax for non-muslims, leaving one no other choice but to submit to one of these mandates. Democracy means respect and tolerance on both sides.Where is the democracy in that?

    Posted by: GKY
  • Not in theory & not in practice

    If you really dig deep in to the teachings of Islam as per the Koran, you'll find that Islam mandates it's believers to destroy (convert, kill or tax) other religious & political ideologies. So clear not in theory. If you look at what is happening in the muslim dominated countries you will hardly find any country that is even moderately tolerant to other systems. One exception is Turkey but there too you will find the incompatibility with true democracy.

  • Democracy has failed.

    Since the last 15 to 20 years we have seen the will of the people ignored, we have seen Bush come to power despite losing the election, we have seen Blair send British troops to die in Iraq despite the millions that took to the streets. Here in the UK we have 3 main parties who all stand for the same thing, there simply isnt any choice. This is why people are siding with extreme and neo Nazis all over the West.
    I dont think Islam is the answer either but I would say a good Dictator is better than a bad Democratically elected corrupt Politician.

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