• Israel is one of leaders of technology in the world

    a) Has won every war that they were involved in, which includes every bordering country
    b) Leader in biological innovation in the world.
    Israel also has nuclear capability. If Israel was facing existential threat, then it always has a back up plan.
    Also many countries like Israel- just because they don't side with them in the Gaza conflict doesn't mean they hate them. Germany for example supplies Israel with lots of supplies. The UK also has great relations with Israel.

  • Israel Will Work Out Its Issues

    Yes, Israel is, in some ways, a human rights violator: the treatment of its Arab minority is deplorable. But let's not forget the track records of the United States, Canada, and Australia towards its Native populations, or the appalling track record of Arabia and similar Muslim nations with regard to women. We don't question the right of these nations to exist because of their human rights violations. We're able to criticize one without calling the other into question. The vast majority of people who comment on the Israel debate don't know what life in a state facing existential threat is like or what it's like to deal with the threat of terrorism every day. Israel's treatment of Palestine and Palestinians is damaging to its credibility, but it is up to Israelis and Palestinians to work together towards a new solution. In some ways, Israel is a beacon: ask LGBTQIA people in the Middle East where they'd like to live! Israel has existed for thousands of years, sometimes as an idea, sometimes as an empire. It's not going anywhere!

  • It will all catch up to them!

    Lets see:
    --95% of the world hates your guts.
    --Youre surrounded by so many Muslim countries who hate you.
    --They have so many checkpoints throughout this land. Constantly building walls.
    --The country has a population of about 8 million. 2 million are in open air concentration camp, has its borders and resources controlled, or they are imprisoned. If 25% of your population is held under such constraint, this is clearly not sustainable towards the future.
    --Their existence depends on USA. USA citizens are slowly realizing that there is genocide and ethnic cleansing as images and Pro-Pali movements are growing on social media and websites. Members of House and Senate are starting to get fed up. USA citizens are even getting upset that they have to sweat to pay Israel 3B in foriegn aid which come taxes. If USA drops them, they have no real ally or anyone to back them up and Im sure a few Middle East countries will pounce on them! Although AIPAC lobby is strong, they are finally feeling the least bit of pressure around them in terms lack of support.
    --Many of the people in the USA who support Israel are baby boomers and Evangelical Christians, as both groups are either fading away or dying off.

  • Israel will not survive.

    Israel will not survive.
    This is just my personal long term prediction. Even though Israel has a strong military,
    they are surrounded by too many enemies to be able to remain indefinitely. Eventually, one of the Muslim countries in
    the Middle East will obtain a nuclear weapon and use it on Israel.

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