• Jealous people or so imamuture

    Jealousy definetly puts a damper on everything. I hate when a woman or a man says to their bf or gf hey why did u glance at her or him. Its a natural thing to look as long as nobody cheats. If u think for a second that a man what look or even a woman you have a serious problem called jealousy and stupididty

  • Jealousy Ruins Relationships

    Unfortunately, jealously ruins relationships each and every day of the year. One person can get jealous over trivial or serious matters, and then the relationship suffers as a result. Jealously can ruin even the strongest of relationships. With that in mind, people need to work on being less jealous and more open with their partners.

  • Jealousy is very dangerous to a relationship.

    Jealousy is a very dangerous thing to a relationship, primarily because it tends to begin with distrust that continues to grow if not quelled. Trust is one of the most important aspects to a healthy relationship. If partners do not trust each other, then they can never fully commit to each other.

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