• Yes, He can.

    Of course Jesus can. My opponent has stated that wishful thinking won't fix the problems we have in this world. I would like to point out that our belief is NOT wishful thinking. We have seen miracles. I don't want to seem like a goody goody two shoes but in my church we see miraculous healings every week. We are helping change the world one step at a time; through prayer. We are not claiming to be able to fix all the problems in the world, but to sit back and to say that it's not possible or that nothing works is not what I or hopefully any other believer believes in. We know that God will fix it in His timing and we have absolutely no control over that. No, a kid starving to death won't be saved by likes on Facebook but that doesn't stop anyone from doing it. Shame on lots of people who like something, or hash tag something about making a difference with something as small as a type out. But there are those of us who try and do something by prayer because we believe in the power of faith. If God is for us who can be against us? We speak boldly because we know He's there for us and are not ashamed of the Truth.
    My opponent made a point that the woman that's been kidnapped won't be spared by prayer. THATS NOT TRUE If it is God's will she will be saved. Why does God let bad things happen to good people? Because He sees things in the end. Trial brings strength. How do body builders get strong? They push their bodies to build strength. How do athletes win the Olympics? Spending years and years training. It's all there. People are strengthened by trials. As iron sharpens iron, so 1 man sharpens another. We can look around and see miracles coming to life through the power of prayer and we are confident and unashamed. This is real life, not some fairy tale or old Bible story. Just because Jesus isn't here doesn't mean the Holy Ghost isn't living and powerful in us.
    Yes, I absolutely agree that things only get done when we do something. So telling people off for their beliefs, trying to do something is getting us nowhere. As I type this I'm not just trying to make appoint, I'm trying to convict people. That's not just some evangelical throw-out, we are changing lives and we are not going to stop. This isn't a religion! It's a belief. Belief in a living God who cares, sustains, and loves. We don't go with just those, 'oh we're here by accident and don't have a purpose. We are going to live, die and that'll be that!' No! Don't tell me you don't have thoughts of what happens when you die.

  • 4 chapters a day (in the Bible) will keep the doctor away (and allow you to finish the Bible in about a year).

    I am a DSM-5 Chronic Paranoid Schizophrenic. I have been hospitalized twice - last one was March of 2013. I used to take 40mg of Abilify, 10mg of Risperidone, 60mg of Paroxetine, Wellbutrin, Buspirone, and Topamax.

    Today in August of 2014 I am only on 1 Psychotropic - 3mg of Risperidone. And yes, I am doing this under a Psychiatrist's supervision.

    Since March of 2013 I have read the Bible 6 times and am attempting to put it into practice daily. I no longer do many of the things I used to do which aggravated my mental illness.

    Many Schizophrenics have a problem with lying. If I believe the Bible and put it into practice then will this symptom be in remission?

    Many Schizophrenics are selfish. If I believe the Bible and put it into practice then will I love my neighbor as myself?

    Some Schizophrenics are violent (I never was). If you believe the Bible then will you try to harm your neighbor?

    While the medications sustain they cannot heal. Schizophrenia is supposed to be incurable. My reading of the Holy Bible combined with putting it into practice daily along with the miracles Jesus performs daily in my life are the things which are allowing me to get better.

    Romans 12:2 (NIV) - Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

    I have been averaging about 13 chapters a day in the Bible by the way. : )

    There is power in the Name of Jesus!!

  • No, he can't.

    Unless you count the stories from the Bible.

    Wishful thinking and hope won't fix the problems we have in this world.

    The kid that's going to starve to death before I finish this sentence won't be saved by "likes" on Facebook.

    The woman who's been kidnapped by ISIL because her village wouldn't convert to Islam isn't going to be spared if we pray hard enough.

    The man caught in a natural disaster will not survive if we have enough signatures on a petition.

    Forget your religion stance, the only time things ever get done are when people do them. Period.

    The brave, the confident, and the willing are the ones who feed the starving boy at the risk of being shot, who save the girl at the risk of being beheaded, who rescue the man at the risk of being swept away themselves.

    It's immoral to the extent of criminal to deny someone support on the basis that your power of hope will divine them from their dilemma.

    The same understanding falls upon mental illness. If you're mentally ill, seek help. Real, scientific help.

    If wishful thinking and your own willpower are sparing you from your illness, than congratulations, you're not really ill. You're just troubled like the rest of us, and you've found a way to cope.

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