• Why not? Jesus was Jewish!

    Jesus was a Jewish baby born in the Land of Israel to a pious Jewish mother and raised in a Jewish family, observing the whole Torah. He changed the world more than any other person. I think that Christmas has message for Jews and Gentiles alike, that peace with God and each other is possible. Hanukkah is great too, but it is more a national holiday rather than a holiday for the whole world.

  • Yes Of Course

    Even though the Christian church attaches a lot of religious significance to yuletide celebration, there is no reason why Jewish people can't also celebrate Christmas if they want to. The holiday has become really secularized and is open to all. I don't think it's a betrayal of their beliefs to celebrate, because even if they don't think Jesus was the Messiah, he was at least a great Jew!

  • It's a free country

    Can and would are two separate things. Can they? Of course, they have every right to do what ever they want. Would they? Most likely not, if they are devout believers in their faith. However Christmas is so pervasive in American society that Jewish people end up celebrating the holiday in one way or another.

  • Jewish people can celebrate Christmas as long as they look at it as a cultural tradition and not a religious holiday.

    Jewish people can celebrate Christmas as long as they look
    at it as a cultural tradition and not a religious holiday. Anyone can celebrate Christmas if they look
    at it this way. Instead of celebrating
    it because it is Jesus’ birthday, they should look at it as a day to give
    presents to love ones.

  • Only Jewish people

    I understand when someone has a Jewish parent and a Christian parent so they celebrate both. But if an ONLY Jewish person celebrates Christmas and Hanukkah they are basically just trying to get presents. What’s the point? Christmas is about Jesus’ birth, and almost all Jewish people do not believe in Jesus at all or that he was of any importance. Just stick to celebrating the holiday that your religion celebrates instead of making the Christian holiday (Christmas) seem to be just a form of entertainment. It’s just as much a religious holiday as any other is, and by not actually being a part of that religion you are, in a sense, abusing it.

  • They wouldn't be Jews.

    Not for long, that is. Judaism is structured so that you can't properly pick and choose what you want to do. Any Jew who would celebrate Christmas wouldn't be Jewish much longer. And by the way. Christmas and Chanuhkah are two different things. Christmas is about the birth of someone who would cause millions to assimilate to Christianity. Chanuhkah is about fighting against assimilation.

    Posted by: Rami
  • Why would they want to?

    What is there about Christmas that they want to celebrate? They already get 8 days of presents for Hanukkah. Why should they celebrate Christmas, a CHRISTIAN holiday about the birth of CHRIST, if they don't believe he is the messiah? I don't think Jews should celebrate Christmas. Just stick to their own holidays.

  • No

    The celebrating of Christmas is really a pagan holiday. Jesus was not born on Christmas, and thus the holiday's origin does not agree with popular belief. Jews don't even believe that Jesus was the messiah, so why would they celebrate it? This does not mean that families cannot gather and be together, it just means some customs might be better avoided.

  • No "Christian" should celebrate Christmas

    Christmas is a heathen holiday that is spoken against in the Bible. There is nowhere in the Bible that states that Jesus was born on the 25th day of December. Also the Bible speaks in the10th chapter of Jeremiah, that we should not learn the way of the heathen. Verse 3: "The customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe." Verse 4: "They deck it with silver and with gold' they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not."

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