• It could but job security in America is a myth. . .

    We live in an age where Job Security is a thing of history. Even Forbes, A major business publication, Has an article entitled Job SecBritt does not exist. The modern market for businesses does not promote severance pay as a guaranteed outcome for losing a job you worked at for even 20 to 50 years.

    Job security and job flexibility did use to coexist prior to the mortgage crisis in the 1990's and early 2000s. The banks ruined the nature of how jobs handled job security for everyone.

  • Yes, job security and flexibility can co-exist.

    While finding a job that offers both security and flexibility can and will prove extremely challenging, it's not impossible. There are many jobs out there that can offer the best of both worlds. There are telecommute positions which can give you both. There are many freelance jobs that can offer both. You just have to spend a little extra time when searching.

  • Job Security and Job flexibility can exist.

    This is the corporate argument that corporations are better for workers. Large corporations allow for lateral advancement as well as vertical. Job flexibility within a large corporation exists within lateral changes. A person can move to a different location with different responsibilities within the same company. The person can then be assured he will have a position with a company he has been loyal to while also exploring new positions within that company.

  • Yes, job security and flexibility can co-exist.

    I think that there are jobs out there that can offer both flexibility and security. But they are really difficult to find. In the traditional work field, it is probably difficult to find such a job. But with the creative field, there seems to be more of an atmosphere that these two factors can co-exist.

  • They are separate issues.

    Yes, job security and job flexibility can co-exist, because there is often less pressure on each party. A person who has the flexibility to live their life also has the motivation to want to hang on to the job. Job security is a matter of commitment from an employer. Security does not mean they can take advantage of employees by being rigid.

  • Yes, job security and job flexibility can coexist.

    Yes, it is possible for flexibility and security to exist, even within the same company. This requires a lot of communication between management and staff, and it requires a willingness on the part of management to make moves when necessary and allow staff members to grow. Some organizations cannot handle it, but workplaces like Google show the benefits of flexibility.

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