• Love will get better

    Love will get better. Sometimes sports injuries are permanent, but pro athletes are used to getting injured. It is somewhat expected in their field. I do think he will recover, but he will have to take it easy for a little bit and always be on the look-out. Love is young, so he will get better!

  • Yes, Kevin Love will recover from his shoulder dislocation.

    Kevin Love has access to the best doctors in the country. He is located in Cleveland, which is the home of The Cleveland Clinic. Shoulder injuries can be complex, but a dislocation should be an easy fix. If it is complicated, he has one of the best hospitals in the country available to him without even having to travel.

  • Can Kevin Love Recover?

    I feel that Kevin Love can recover from his should dislocation that he recently endured. I believe that with proper physical therapy and proper training, he will heal his injuries and the he will be able to get back to the game that he loves and be healthy again in due time.

  • I agree that Kevin Love can recover from his injury

    Kevin Love, a professional basketball player for the National Basketball Association, plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers. In the first quarter of his last game, Kevin dislocated his shoulder. I think that Kevin Love can recover from this injury because he is an outstanding player with a drive that is like no other. Also, Kevin has his team mates to help him get back up in spirit

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