• Human Rights for everyone.

    Not permitting this (under reasonable circumstances) is nothing short of ageism, and it is simply promoting the age-old stereotype that children know less than adults, which is unproven and is actually untrue in about half of all circumstances. Also, human rights also apply to children including the Freedom to Expression and to Belief. Adults cannot and shouldn't censor and control what a kid has to say, otherwise they are in direct violation of the 1950 European Convention of Human Rights.

  • Where do you draw the line?

    Children don't always know less than adults, and it would be belittling and incorrect to assume they are always pitiably misguided if they think different. For instance, I'm sixteen. Did you think I was from how I sounded? Now you might disregard everything I said. What if I told you I wasn't sixteen? Now do you disregard it? Is there a noticeable difference? Should there be?

  • Under reasonable circumstances.

    Children, like adults are given the first amendment and can openly criticize their parents, regardless of social stigma behind it.I believe if the child has something to say and criticizes the parent in a reasonable manner then yes a child should be allowed to yell back. If they are being rude and personally attacking the parent verbally then it isn't okay, but the child is still entitled to the 1st amendment.

  • Freedom of Speech

    Everyone, Regardless of age, Can talk to anyone how ever they wish, As it should be. Just because you are younger does not mean your opinion and what you have to say is any less valid. Adults do not rule you. Kids deserve just as much power as adults. They are humans as much as you and can do whatever they want, Just like you. They owe you nothing.

  • Children can TALK back to their parents

    TALKING back to your parents just shows that you will grow up to be a very agreement person (I can't say that's a good thing but still). Now telling at your parents shows that you need to learn to respect your elders. It states in the first amendment to the constitution that everyone has the right to freedom of speech, Press, And religion. So that shows you right there that kids have the right to TALK back to their parents.

  • They can, but they shouldn't be able to.

    A child should NEVER talk back to their parents. Doing so only sparks rebellion in their minds, and they begin to think that being disrespectful to their parents is an okay thing to do. Yelling? That's even worse. If a child is yelling back at their parents it just shows how disrespectful the child is, and how much discipline they need. There is absolutely no circumstance in which the child's words hold precedence over their parents'. So they need to shut their mouths and listen to what the parents say, so that they can actually learn things. Society tries to say that you can talk back to your parents when you are in the right. Even if you are right, talking back to your parents is not the way to solve things. After all, you parents are your parents, and you should respect them with any thing you do. No law or constitution gives children the right to talk back, much less yell, to their parents.

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