• Only To A Degree

    I believe leadership skills can be learned, but only to a certain degree. I believe some people are simply better suited to a leadership role due to their personality and traits, some of which can be learned or improved by those that weren't born with them, however it is unlikely that they will develop leadership skills on par with someone who naturally posses the talents to lead.

  • Leadership skills can be learned.

    Leadership skills can be learned. Every leader is different and requires a lot of work to make your employees respect you. I think that some leadership skills can be taught and if they are followed can make you a better leader for your company. Some skills are just mindset and determination.

  • Leadership skills can be learned.

    It is possible to learn leadership skills. Although leadership comes naturally for some people, others can learn it just as easily. It is said that a good teacher can teach any subject if the students are responsive. There are many examples in history of people learning through experience to be good leaders.

  • You can learn

    Most leaders are just good actors it seems. If you are shaped by your enviroment or genes to be an "Alpha"" as it where, well that helps but anyone can learn the required skills to be a leader. The best leaders are not always the most confident in my experience.

  • Anything can be learned.

    Leadership skills can be learned, and routinely are learned, through different classes. Leadership is just like any other skill and with the right motivations a person can learn how exactly they need to behave in order to be effective as a leader. I think these skills can be learned with hard work.

  • Leadership Skills are Born

    True leadership skills are born and developed, but not learned. Many individuals who are natural leaders developed these skills from infancy, as their personalities were shaped by early experiences. A combination of genetics and experiences shaped natural leaders. It is difficult to learn leadership skills, as these are usually integrated as part of an individual's personality.

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