• Yes life can be defined.

    Being alive can be defined as living a life to it's fullest. But people should be able to define it themselves. There are multiple definitions of "Life", But, To me, The most important is just being alive to enjoy it. I would hope that a life can be enjoyed and not just lived. I want every person to be happy with their life, Or it's not really living.

  • Life is a long trip

    In my logic im finding constants that all life have. So far I have all life must fall between 2 known constants being birth and death. To be alive you must have the ability to freely move about a 4 demential universe. You must posses at least 1 sensory organ to perceive the world around you. You must have the ability to perceive independent time laps. With out any one of these then you would be an inanimate object.

  • For the individual

    Each individual has their own definition of life and those definitions should be respected. We cannot judge what is life for another person or entity and we should not attempt to apply our definitions to other people or to make people live up to our own definition because life is so subjective and everyone should get to define it for themselves.

  • Yes

    It's a funny question. Life has many definitions. Every single person lives their lives the way they choose. There is no manual for life, but there are defined choices we make every day that carve our human paths. Yes- life can be defined. It might not be able to be "catagorized" because each is different, but life is definable.

  • Yes

    Yes, it can be defined. However, there may be more than one definition of what constitutes life. For example, a tree is one form of life, but it is not conscience of its own existence. However, humans and animals are more similar in that they are aware of themselves. And humans can develop emotions like love and hate, which are part of living.

  • yes

    Life can be defined but only in a general since of terms. Life in general can be determined as being just that, alive. But if you want to be specific than I think no. Life and living can mean so many different things to many different people. Living life if much different from person to person.

  • Humans base their ideas in this world only as they perceive it, which is very limiting.

    When is a embryo or fetus part of life? What about angels or God? What makes someone alive or a part of life, their soul, their physical presence? Is everything that's part of MY life part of life like my prayers, my emotions can they be defined. I think you have to ask what is life and that my friend is a very big question. No life cannot be defined on a whole.

  • Life is life

    Life cannot be defined . It is what it is. Life may be know as living material but life is life its not the way we see but how it sees us. One day, life changes us it turns us to monsters and we see life as time inside of us.

  • Life is a definition that has become vague throughout the human experience due to complexity of identity is why it is a vague unanswerable question.

    Life in its most basic form is existence on a biological level. Pretty sure we can all agree that a rock does not need a definition of life attached to it. We as humans have complexity in our actions but actions themselves don't constitute life. Our uniqueness, our emotions are not evidence for life. A person who is brain dead has no emotions, no awareness of him or her self and yet it is technically life. Too vague and can be broken into more concepts is my conclusion.

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