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  • Other Universes and planets

    We have never traveled further than Mars with a human and no further than our Universe with drones and such, so saying that no other life form could exist somewhere else is like saying you can't learn rocket science, there is always a possibility. We only say things like there are no other life forms possible on different planets/ universes is because we do not want to leave our comfort zone, we want to believe the safest thing possible and not face the reality that something might actually be out there that we have never seen before.

  • Yes they can

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  • YES because ...

    I think so: not the stereotypical type of alien but a different, more reformed and similar to humans kind of alien.

    I think that the stretched face and large black eyed alien is very overrated and not an accurate represenation at all of aliens and is merely a hollywoodian invention.

  • Obviously there is life on other planets

    THERE ARE ZILLIONS OF PLANETS IN THE UNIVERSE. At least ONE must support life. It is idiotic to suppose otherwise; just because have yet to develop the required technology does not mean we will never develop such technology. Also, Mars and Europa anyone. Do research and it will become obvious.

  • Aliens are real

    If 9/11 and susan boyle isnt proof of aliens then i dont know what is. I mean what kind of idoit builds two big buildings soo close together is not the terrorists fault is the goid damn arcetect i think it was them who designed the plains aswell i meant come on people see the signs, and then there is the video games which has aliens in it so theres proof and then there is that movie district 9 with the human that eats shit by that alien and also if your mums fanny doesnt look like an alien life form with a fucked up face like that cunt from the goonies

  • Yes life exits on other planets

    There are many planets that are found and some planets yet to be found.So we cannot only be the ones in such a big universe so on my opinion there are planets which have organisms but these planets are not yet discovered...There are also many galaxies which may contain planets just like milky way galaxy containing planets. These galaxies may also can contain a planet like Earth which can sustain life

  • Life can not exist on other planets

    We have new technology popping up every day and if we have not found life by now then there is none. Also in the bible it states god created the heavens and the earth sure there are other planets, but it never said anywhere in the bible he put life on other planets. Some people may say non believers are being unreasonable but there is no proof still to this day.

  • You Need Jesus

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  • It Wouldn't Make Sense

    It's not possible because the planets that the Kepler Space Telescope has found are most likely made out of water and people don't have access to metal or electricity etc. If they were to be living underwater. Plus, I also never understood how on earth life would even come to be on a different planet in outer space.

  • It Does Not Make Sense

    There has been a recent discovery in Mars, that they found bacteria and they say that is a living organism. Yet when a Woman has a Abortion (Which is when you kill the baby while it is in the stomach) it has a beating heart and they don't call that a living organism. Which is really fucking retarded because I have a family with brothers, sisters, and my parents. I know we have to predict this because one day our sun will blow up and the Human Race will be extinct. Which is why we must create a way of travel in the future. But still NASA you are fucking retarded.

  • Nice to meet you

    I once saw a fly i swear to god this thing had like six wings and like 20 legs if that mutated peice of crap isnt prof for life on othewr planets i dont know what is, i hope you under stand i mean this fly was like 20 ft tall and spat acid .

  • Don't get too optimistic

    On Mars there is a finding that there is some sort of organ. However, how can we be sure it is really an organ, it might be a rock of some sort that we have not yet studied. So if we get optimistic and think it is an organ, we might be wasting a lot of time and money. Besides, would it really make a difference if we found an alien? We probably can't live where they live and they probably can't live where we live, so does it make a difference? All that we will learn from it is that aliens exist, but isnt it the same as cavemen seeing their first snail (if they existed back then)? They would've just stayed lut of each other's way; end of story.

  • Can life exist on other planets........

    I think it does not I mean life ....Well if you see we humans need water,air too and other planets are mostly made of gas an have no oxegyn.And also it is said that in mars there are the very big volcanoes. So i think that life cant exist on other planets.

  • No they don't exist

    Firstly i would like to clarify that I'm not saying there may not be life somewhere in the universe. What i am saying is that if there is we will likely never find it.. Why you ask. First of all life as we know it requires something called an exoplanet. For those who don't know that is just a planet that doesn't orbit our sun. Now it is estimated that there are 50 billion of them in our galaxy alone. However it is also estimated that only 500 million of them are within the zone close enough to their sun to support life. Another thing life as we know it needs is liquid water. Currently there is one planet we have discovered, and confirmed, that has stable liquid water oceans. Earth. Now i would like to continue on this a prove why extraterrestrials don't exist however i don't have the time. Thankfully this has been done for me and if you would like to check it out (http://space.About.Com/od/frequentlyaskedquestions/a/How-Many-Habitable-Planets-Are-In-The-Milky-Way-Galaxy.Htm) it points out that so far we have discovered 54 our 50 billion planets that could possible support life. Now taking into account the research done one whether or not life could spontaneously be created (http://evolutionfaq.Com/articles/probability-life) it gives us a 1 in 10^390 chance of life being created on its own. Even out of 500 billion planets i think the odds of life existing are pretty slim. Now of coarse you may be saying, thats only in our galaxy what about all the other galaxies. The current record held by voyager 1 is about 9.5-9.6 billion miles away. The distance to the nearest star is 25.6 trillion miles. I really don't see us or aliens traveling out of our own solar system anytime soon let alone our galaxy. So even in one in 10^390 chance of life existing, if it does we will never see it.

  • People really are morons

    First of all, if astronauts cant even go to other planets without wearing a suit, than how is it possible for us humans to even live on other planets
    some of us cant even handle cold weathers here on earth, so do you even think its possible to live on a another planet?

  • Temperatures of the other planets of the solar system:)

    The other planets of the solar system are either too hot or to cold for human life. Plants and animals will also be affected as the temperatures do not suit their environment. All living things would possibly die if we were living on the other planets of the solar system.

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