• Yes, life's big problems can be solved.

    I think that life's big problems can be solved. I think that there isn't a problem that is out of being solved in a manner that is efficient and logical. I only think that it will depend on the willingness of some people. But I think that people and society can solve them.

  • Yes, life's "big problems" can be solved.

    Life presents us with many "big problems," and I think that as long as we are open with the people around us, we can understand the things in our lives much better. We cannot run away from life's "big problems," and I think it is better to face it and try to understand instead of running away from them and wallowing in negativity.

  • We have made a difference.

    Yes, life's big problems can be solved, because there are a lot of problems that we have made good strides in. With too many world wars, we started the United Nations. With too much drinking water being contaminated, we now have methods to filter water before we drink it. We are solving life's big problems.

  • No They Can't

    I do not believe life's "big problems" are suppose to be solved. I think one of the reasons we are here is to experience the problems and live through them. If you think about your past, the troubling times are the times when you learn the most. Without problems we wouldn't grow or develop.

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