• Yes, I believe literature can promote justice.

    I believe literature can promote justice because there is much power in the written word. Skillful writers can persuade their readers to make change and bring justice to the world. Investigative reporters in newspapers have brought serious problems to light. One Ohio newspaper is currently investigating schools using separate behavior rooms for special education students. Change is coming as people read the stories and start questioning this practice.

  • Yes literature can promote justice

    Yes, I think that literature can promote justice and change peoples' ideas when it comes to what is right and what is wrong. Writers of literature can find new ways to bring people together through reading and writing, and when people see the dangers of too much violence more justice can come.

  • It certainly can.

    Literature (whether published novels, news articles, screenplays or any other form of publication) influence the mind by evoking familiar or fantastical situations. Our current era is being influenced by the undead and making them less frightening and more deep, passionate and misunderstood. While this can seen as an allegory towards acceptance of others who are different, the language and focus used makes it more about finding that forever romance and sticking to it even if it puts you in mortal peril repeatedly. The reaction is the general populace has been clear (head in the clouds, love-at-first-sight idealism) and is a touch unhealthy. Imagine if the focus of books and movies changed to a theme of justice and upright acts instead?

  • Yes, it can

    Yes, I would have to agree that literature can definitely promote justice. We can learn many things from literature and literature can promote many things. We can look to literature for many answers and one them can very well be how we can better serve justice. Literature is so vast, that of course I think it can promote justice.

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