Can Liverpool win the title this year? 5 Games to go and they have the players, but can they do it.

  • Suarez, Gerrard, Sturridge...

    They have the players and they have shown they can win the games this season. Now the question is just how much they want it. Any Liverpudlian will tell you the desire is great and so it should be possible. Lets hope they break the drought and get back to where they belong. Oh yeh, and the only two tough tests are both at Anfield which is an added bonus.

  • CHELSEA will win the title.

    Chelsea has a weaker schedule and much better talent all around the pitch. You can't depend on 5 players as in Liverpool's case. Plus, they have a bit tougher opponents in their upcoming matches. I think that Liverpool have made a good run at this point, but with their recent history of no titles, I don't think that they will have enough to finish the job off.

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