• Love is built on communication trust and respect love is knowing each other

    To know who a person is they need to communicate with one another. First comes respect respect by far is the consideration of the things that are presented to you. I have personally eyewitnessed the damage caused by loveless sex. Aside from that if my daddy who was asexual can marry there has to be that possibility. Unrequited love I experience at time where I am content learning them whereas they aren't always.

  • Yes What is love?

    Love is an emotion that we feel inside. We can express our love in all kinds of ways, gifts, outtings, sharing or time, expressing our affectiion like kiss or hug, with our words and many more ways. Yes, you can love without sex. Sex is only another channel to express love.

  • Yes, Love existing without sex

    It's because, Love is everywhere, where ever you are that word or that's feelings will hunt you to find someone to be love and love is all about care and to worry and you can love your family, friends, relatives without making a sex with them, that means were are all free to love each other and respect also.

  • Love is caring about someone

    Lust is a human thing, but true love exists without sex. The very meaning of love is to care about someone and to worry. I have been in love myself and I am only 20 years old. I loved a girl once, and I know because whenever something good happened, it was her I wanted to tell first. I have not once wanted sex with her. I just wanted to hold her hand.

  • There are many types of love.

    I can love my dog, brother and car. With regards to a romantic love, I believe physical love isn't needed for maintaining the relationship, however it does help with staying bonded in many situations. Keep in mind that human males have the physical requirement of having their prostate gland drained on a regular basis. Each person is a bit different, but ultimately it will happen, with or without physical stimuli.

  • It depends on the circumstances but ultimately yes

    I recently answered a question on here that was along the lines of "Would you ever marry someone you hadn't had sex with?" and I said no, because I think sex is an important part of a relationship. However, I don't know the exact statistics, but I'm certain that a larger percentage of marriages than you would think are sexless. I imagine that for a lot of couples, as they get older and have children or progress in their careers, sex isn't as essential as it once was. That isn't to say the couple no longer love each other. Personally, I think sex is probably more important to you when you're younger.

  • Yes It Can

    I believe it is possible for love to exist without sex. I believe sex is a special bond that can often make love stronger, but I believe love exists without it as well. First of all, there are many different kinds of love that one experiences and many times that has nothing to do with sex at all.

  • Yes, love and sex are two different things.

    Of course there are many types of love, such as love for friends, that exists without any type of sexual activity. But even in romance, it can happen. However, both people need to be on the same page about it so that there are no arguments and tension is lessened.

  • Love is driven by hormone

    Love happens with age (especially fresh adulthood), it is totally hormonal and emotional in addition, The emotional love can be among close friends, parents, old couples. Though, sex is necessary for the survival of LOVE if it involves adult male and female with good health. If couples who are in strong love with each other and staying with each other more than one month, they will certainly get indulge in sex. That is true and natural. If a partner finds that she/he is impotent or not capable of doing sexual act, love will fade away. Live in relationship and married life of lovers is totally depend on physical relation, without this, love would be unsuccessful. Love is god, but sex creates life. And we are here to increase our population without any doubt. Love might be a support or in addition to it.

  • No such a love that needs no sex

    In reality, no matter how slight the love is, how romantic it is, it needs sex, especially the permanent relatilnship. Dont be naive.Only inexperienced young kids think love can exist apart from sex.The old couple love each other, becauae they physically can not have sex.Dont be hypocritical or naive.You are not an ideal god like superhuman. Your love needs sex from flesh

  • Without sex, love will soon fade away, at least at the beginning of the relationship.

    I agree love is possible without sex. But that is not the case with your life partner. If that is the case one can simply live with their friends or any other relation or of course with their pet. A male need female and vice versa, just because of the need of sex. It is the strong foundation for sex at least at the beginning of the relationship. It creates a bond between two persons. Lust is different from love, which means when you split the love from sex it is lust. But without sex, soon the relationship will fade away.

    We people are giving up lot of things for our life partners(I'm saying both of us). But we are not doing such things for others. When we do such kind of things, we need something to compensate that both will gain from our end. That is sex. That is definitely needed at least till we used to it.

    Although sex is not completely core of life, it is the major factor that leads a relationship. So finally, without sex a love will not start or last for long between a girl and boy.

  • No sex No love

    The first time anyone meets or catches a person eye it becomes physical attraction first. One likes the persons physical attributes. Looks matter and that's a fact. If the person has a likable personality the better. It may be just that a person has a sexy persona. A man would say or think. I want to have sex with her. What's love got to do with it. Love comes later with that person. A partnership is 99% sex and without it love will not survive. I defy any man to go out tonight, meet a girl and tell her that he only likes her for her personality. Within 10 minutes the window of opportunity will close for him and she'll be gone. He will never get her back. If she's not sexually attractive to him, what reason does she have to stay? So no love will survive without SEX.

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