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  • Hate is not bad

    It's what's the reason behind it that can be bad or good. You can hate something that's not good, because you want to change it for the better. There's nothing wrong with keeping your guard against bad things. It's when you hate for malovent reasons that it becomes a problem.

  • Hate is a basic emotion

    Hate is something that can never be overcome, because it's an almost instinctual response that's embedded within our subconscious. While we'll never be able to overcome all of it, we can do a better job of recognizing and admitting it when it happens, and working to suppress it to a certain amount. Not legitimizing hate groups such as Westboro Baptist would be a good start.

  • No, man can not overcome all the hate

    There are too many reasons for people to hate. People hate other people, they hate animals, they hate inanimate objects, and they hate the inevitable changes of the world. The real question is what do people love so much to cast so much hate against something else? Hate is a part of human nature regardless.

  • Man's nature is fallen

    Mankind has sinned against God, and what we see is the consequences of our actions. Death, Disease, evil, suffering,etc. But, Christ Jesus who is God, the only God, chose to die for us. He was buried and raised to life on the 3 day, so that if we believe in him as our Lord and Savior, we will be saved.

  • Hate is part of human nature.

    While not everyone hates, I know lots of Christians who don't hate anything or anyone... Not even Satan. While they don't completely love and worship him, they don't despise him.
    Utopia can never be achieved, just like perfect communism. Someone will always be greedy and will lie/cheat/steal their way to the top. If you ever watched the Star Wars prequels, Senator Palpatine was power hungry and even developed an alter ego just to get what he wanted. He wouldnt let anything or anyone get in his way.

  • Man is dependent

    Man is highly incapable of solving hate and injustice. They try and try but imperfection always gets in the way and it will until imperfection is time to be solved. So no man cannot and will not ever overcome all hate a human cannot do things of that sort. Thanks!

  • It's just not possible.

    Mankind is not capable of purging it's self out of hate (or in other words, rebellion). No matter what we do, there will be wars upon wars, no matter what. Since man has come to this earth, we have did nothing but destroyed it. One of the definitions for man in Hebrew is meaning weak or mortal. Also in Hebrew "man" meant "Adam" pronounced as an A in at, D as in duh, O as in Oh, and M as in Mike (A-Duh-Ohm), which meant "red" Which means "war" or "blood". Hmm look at that sequence. Interesting? The name "Russ" means red and the word stein means "stone". Esau also partly meant red. King David had red hair, Esau had red hair.....

    Oh, there is sooo much to say.Though I will let everyone figure out the rest.

  • No, because you'll always hate something or someone

    You may Hate something because it hurt you but you may hate it because it hurt something you Love.
    You may Hate someone because of something they did to you or someone you Love.
    But hating something because out of skin color or for who they love is pure ignorance but I can't predict the future and see if we as the human race we ever excel past that ignorant hatred.

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Haroush says2013-12-10T16:06:23.137
I'm surprised more people haven't voted yes.