• Marijuana can be good for you.

    Marijuana has many positive benefits. It's extremely effective at treating anxiety by allowing the user to calm-down for an extended period of time. It's not a drug typically associated with violence or violent behavior. I personally believe that alcohol is a much more dangerous substance, not to mention it's also incredibly addictive.

  • Yes, it has positive effects.

    Marijuana has a number of positive effects. It can be used to alleviate depression, anxiety, and pain. It can also be used increase appetite, which is helpful for patients receiving chemo, as well as those who suffer from anorexia, just to give a few examples. These claims have been backed by scientific evidence.

  • yes

    People who say otherwise is because they don't know the true effects and meanings of marijuana. You can create dependency out of anything the mind gets used to do as part of a routine. Marijuana if used properly can give you relief in many of you physical and mental problems. Marijuana is like any other thing, people drink coffee every single morning and trough out the day, why is caffeine any less harmful than marijuana, in fact caffeine kills thousands of people every year, to this day there hasn't been any recorded dead related to marijuana, so everything that people says is just their personal believes.

  • Yes. With Limitations,

    I want to make it clear that I am divided on this issue. I believe that marijuana does have medical properties, and can be good for you. But believe that it can be misused as well. Pain management, for example, I feel it would be great for that purpose. I have never been a person to condone the use of pills if I could avoid it, so this in my mind would be an acceptable alternative.
    Not to mention, it would be able to help balance out the national debt in a pretty short period of time.

  • Sometimes.

    Marijuana can be good for you if you are in serious pain. I do not support the use of drugs by any means, but a lot of people use it for medical reasons and that is how they make it from day to day. If it works as treatment, it's helpful.

  • No Marijuana can never be good for you

    Marijuana is an addiction that you will have to take your whole life. It gives you relief of depression, pain and thoughts for a little while but what after that when it all comes back. How long will you take it how many days. What the after effects will be is still unknown. what affects it has on your body is also unknown.

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