• No Valid Reason Not To

    Of course marijuana can be legalized. Marijuana is a plant grown for the ground that can be used for a multitude of purposes. Can you imagine a world where a proprietor of marijuana no longer goes to jail and you start to see prison populations decrease? Can you imagine a world where people aren't lied to about a plants effects?

  • Yes, of course it can be.

    Marijuana has been illegal for too long and it is about time it becomes legal. Of course it can be brought into the mainstream. Alcohol gives one a high and it has been legal for years; in fact, trying to prohibit it just made it that much more desirable and the same is probably true for pot.

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jsebean says2014-01-19T01:44:59.697
Asking can marijuana be legalized is crazy. Whoever asked this question must have been smoking it at the time. Of course it CAN be legalized, the question is does society SUPPORT its legalization. In that cause look for the question on debate.Org "Should Marijuana Use be Legalized".