• Marijuana is Helpful!

    Marijuana is in fact extremely helpful to people in chronic pain and those with severe mental issues such as depression, anger, and anxiety. I say this because I have seen first hand how helpful it can be. I myself suffer from many mental issues and I have tried marijuana and in did in fact help me relax and forget all my problems for awhile. No it is not the answer to your problems but it helps you deal with them and keeps you from going overboard. I do not know why they classify marijuana as a depressant because everyone I know personally that uses is no longer depressed while high they are simply happy and content with life. I feel that making it legal will also help our economic issue in America by taxing it and selling it at vendors as a business. If regulated properly we can make the world safer of crime due to the fact that when people are high they don't really wanna go do bad things. Now just like alcohol and tobacco those who aren't legally of age will still use but a small fine should be all that is in store for those people not incarceration. I could genuinely go on for a long time about this topic but I feel that my point has been given with what I have said already.

  • At least, safer than it is illegal.

    Making a substance illegal does nothing to keep people from using it- it just creates crime, a black market for that commodity, and an impure or dangerous product. Marijuana can be treated like tobacco products- regulate it, tax it, ensure the purity of the product free from dangerous contaminants. This removes the criminal element (how much money do we waste incarcerating small time marijuana dealers and users?), and makes a safer product.

    Since tobacco and alcohol are both more harmful and potentially dangerous than marijuana, there is no good public health reason to ban one and keep the others. And we all know how poorly Prohibition went, so banning all is just silly.

  • What a silly question.

    Can alcohol be legalized safely? Not completely. You will still have people who should not use or obtain alcohol doing so. That is part of living in a free society. But the real question here should be: Does the state have the right to decide what substances a citizen can and cannot put into his or her own body? Of course not. It is a matter of personal autonomy. We have every right to educate ourselves, make our own decisions, and deal with the consequences of our actions without any interference from the state, provided those actions are not harming other individuals or the society at large. Legalize marijuana, and using it will be even safer than it is right now--which is, I must point out, is safer than alcohol, which is currently "legalized safely."

  • This is our line in the sand

    There is no way we can legalize marijuana safely. If we legalize marijuana it will certainly turn around and bite us in the bottom. People will certainly use this case as an arguing point to legalize other substance such as meth, cocaine etc. Human should be given free rights but we must also be bound by some rules or else we are no different to wild animals and society will descend into anarchy.

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