• Yes, it is a mind altering substance

    Any chemical substance that interacts with the brain can cause adverse psychological side effects and one of those could be anxiety. Anxiety can be experienced due to the ingestion or inhalation of chemical substances of which marijuana is absolutely one. Many people have reported experiencing similar symptoms after using marijuana and people should be aware of the potential for negative reactions when using the drug.

  • Depends on usage but yes

    If you're not used to pot and your body hasn't built up a tolerance to it, yes, it can make you beyond paranoid. That's why so many first time users are viewed as obnoxious by their peers, everything is amplified and they think the cops are about to kick the door down at any given minute. If you rarely use it or haven't ever, it can make you a little nuts.

  • Yes

    Yes I think marijuana can cause anxiety because I have seen it personally do it to people. I think it causes anxiety in some because one of the side effects is paranoia and when someone is paranoid, this tends to raise their anxiety level. I would also think that it could cause panic attacks if the anxiety gets too bad.

  • Yes

    Marijuana can can anxiety depending on the type, method of use, and person using it in general. A lot of these symptoms are short lived, but can happen. Sometimes like blood pressure, it can raise, but with routine use, can actually lower. Over time it can reduce anxiety but it certainly can cause anxiety in the wrong person.

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