• Marijuana Can Cause Brain Damage

    Yes, as many medical studies have shown, marijuana can cause brain damage when overused regularly. THC has shown to have negative effects on short term memory. It can cause permanent damage to those areas of the brain when the brain is exposed to it for long periods of time and in excessive amounts.

  • Yes, marijuana causes massive brain damage.

    There is clear evidence of the damage that marijuana causes brain damage. It leads to a variety of problems, such as bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, memory loss, and intelligent loss. A recent investigation by the Australian government found that weed smokers had a 10 point lower IQ on average. A British medical study have proven that frequent weed users you are 200% more likely to develop schizophrenia. Schizophrenics often experience auditory or visual hallucinations, severe social withdrawal and cognitive impairment. Most live there lives confided in bed. It is a terrible disease. Marijuana is only used as a painkiller for the terminally ill. This is because those dying of cancer don't have to worry about dying of schizophrenia, all they need is to be relived of their suffering. However, despite all this evidence, few people know this. Those who advocate for legalization polotics' are aligned with the media. They Will lie and cover this things up. Please, be logical, and dont do drugs.

  • Yes. "Adolescents Most At Risk of Brain Damage from Long-term Marijuana Use"

    Adolescents Most At Risk of Brain Damage from Long-term Marijuana Use,-heavy-cannabis-use.aspx

    Murdoch Children's Research Institute in Melbourne Australia has documented the damage in chilren's brain's due to marijuana use. The earlier use begins, the greater the damage. Damage occurs to white matter in the brain. This has a direct effect on the ability to learn and remember in formation.

    The Medical Study published in the Oxford Neurological Journal is called "Effect of long-term cannabis use on axonal fibre connectivity"
    Brain first published online June 4, 2012

  • Yes.

    Smoking marijuana over a long period of time does cause brain damage. It could be said that all drugs do, but despite their positive elements when used in moderation, excessive use of anything eventually causes damage to the mind or body. Much like smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol to excess, too much of anything is bad for you.

  • Yes.

    Long term, frequent and excessive use of marijuana can cause slight brain damage. It has been proven that the drug over time can cause small holes in the brain. The damage is not major and it mostly effects memory. Again it is only caused by smoking a lot overtime, much like drinking excessively can cause liver damage.

  • Yes

    marijuana is a drug. All drugs, when taken in excess, can do damage to the brain. Marijuana especially so, as it temporarily numbs specific parts of your brain and slows down thinking ability. The constant numbing of certain areas of your brain can cause them to decrease in ability after extended use. So yes, marijuana can cause brain damage.

  • I am ridiculously smart!

    Weed may or may not be harmful for the human brain but it definitely has no significant effect on my brain and that is for me more proof than a couple state funded researches which all have conflicting results! Additionally I just love being stoned more even than being drunk which brings me to my second point even though it might be a little bit damaging it is still better than alcohol!

  • No evidence supports this conclusion

    Marijuana is entirely non-toxic, except in ridiculously high doses. It is in fact less toxic than many, if not most of the things that the human body normally ingests, such as sugar or salt or iron. It does not cause apoptosis in healthy cells. It may cause synaptic growth in altered ways in those who use it, but this does not constitute the common understanding of "brain damage".

  • Marijuana does not cause brain damage

    Show me a documented study in where brain damage has occurred and I will change my opinion. So far, the only thing studies have shown is negative to marijuana is the possibility that those people who are high-risk for schizophrenia are possibly more likely to acquire schizophrenia at a later time in their life if they use marijuana.

    Otherwise, since marijuana does not cause damage through lack of oxygen, toxicity, or other secondary causes like blood clots or hypertension, the answer is no.

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USvet says2013-12-10T20:21:04.487
So what if it does cause brain damage (which I don't believe it does). As adults we should be able to live our lives as we wish as long as we do not violate the rights of others. Plenty of things we do cause damage. Heck the enviorment we live in does it as doe= many of the "pharmaceuticals".