• Yes, depending on the way it's ingested.

    While marijuana itself doesn't cause cancer, ingesting it in the form of smoke is what may possibly cause cancer, according to some studies. There are other ways of ingesting marijuana that doesn't increase the risk of cancer, such as eating it or using a device called a vaporizer, which releases the THC in a pure form which can be inhaled.

  • Yes, but that isn't an argument against legalization

    Marijuana, just like cigarettes, can cause cancer as it still is primarily ingested by inhalation through smoking. Although marijuana might not contain many of the additives that are found in cigarette and other processed tobacco, smoke inhalation has been show to cause increased risks of cancer in many separate and independent medical studies. However, the idea of deregulation or a push against deregulation based on these studies is superfluous because it would be no more of an increased risk that we currently allow within the bounds of our current legal system.

  • Marijuana can cause cancer, due to the fact It is usually used via inhalation of smoke.

    The fact of the matter is smoking anything is generally one of the leading causes of lung cancer, whether it be Marijuana, Tobacco, or parts of a burning building. Smoke is in general harmful to lung tissue thanks to the fact it is smoke. So in essence yes Marijuana can cause cancer thanks to the act of smoking.

  • Marijuana is Dangerous

    "Cannabis is as dangerous as cigarette smoking - in fact, it may be even worse - and downgrading its legal status has simply confused people."
    "We have a clear public message about cigarette smoking. Every year, the number of smokers gets smaller and the message on packets about the dangers gets bigger.
    "At present, there is no battle against cannabis and no clear public health message."
    In today's issue of the British Medical Journal, Prof Henry and other doctors from Imperial College, and St Mary's Hospital, both in London, say cannabis could be a major contributor to UK deaths.
    Researchers calculate that if 120,000 deaths are caused among 13million smokers, the corresponding figure among 3.2million cannabis smokers would be 30,000.
    The drug can cause cancer, lung disease and abnormalities associated with serious mental illness.
    Users are up to six times more likely to develop schizophrenia.
    The British Lung Foundation says smoking three joints a day can cause the same damage to the airways as a pack of 20 cigarettes.
    Prof Henry added: "Even if the number of deaths turned out to be only a fraction of the 30,000 we believe possible, cannabis smoking would still be described as a major health hazard.

  • Marijuana Can Be Deadly

    Yes, marijuana can cause lung cancer. Even second hand smoke can cause lung cancer, therefore it does cause cancer. Doctors have proven it to harm the lungs in that way, so there's no scientific data that proves otherwise. Marijuana is a deadly drug just like all others and can have long term effects.

  • No it can't

    Marijuana can't cause cancer. The smoke is the only carcinogenic substance. The smoke is not apart of the marijuana, so you can conclude it doesn't cause cancer. It can weaken your lungs if you smoke it often, but it will not give you cancer. If you don't believe me, name a famous person who got cancer from marijuana alone.

  • No Evidence

    There is no evidence that directly relates the use of marijuana and the development of cancer. There are various methods other than smoking it to receive the THC that avoids the possible harm from the actual smoke. Saying that only smoking marijuana will lead to cancer is just ignorant. People develop cancer from everything and anything, marijuana is not the direct carcinogen.

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