• There is no medical evidence to show this.

    The only study I can find that suggests marijuana might cause heart attacks happened fourteen years ago at Harvard. It was never a definite link, and there is no conclusive peer reviewed evidence that would support such an assertion. So no, it does not appear that marijuana can cause heart attacks.

  • News.Harvard.Edu/gazette/2000/03.02/marijuana.Html‎. A study performed at Harvard University

    Yes, marijuana can cause heart attack and stroke among unhealthy individuals. Marijuana raises heart rate, blood pressure, and there is an increased risk of heart attack in the first hour after smoking. If you are a relatively healthy person, your risk is much lower. The risk of heart attack after smoking marijuana is about the same as after sexual activity or climbing two flights of stairs.

  • Yes It Does

    It absolutely causes heart palpitations immediately after use, for some people. I highly suspect it has caused heart attacks, but was not detected as the cause. The higher the THC content, the higher the risk. Sativa seems to have an even more dramatic result. Folks do not want to admit this, but I know it is true.

  • Its a fear mongering tattic with no actual evidence

    The studies are from medical records, Not a single person was followed up with in person or via telephone. They literally looked at someones records and if they ever said they smoked weed, And had health issues it was directly related to marijuana. Making a statment like that medically is like saying anyone whos had a heart attack and drank a soda, Its souly the sodas fault. Marijuana can increase blood pressure and heart rate wich may not be healthy for some people with chronic illnesses. . . Other than that im tired of refer madness game it freaks me out as someone who has smoked cannbis for over a decade. I have severe anxiety that cannabis helps with and as my blood pressure get very high during an attack ive never had a single doctor tell me to stop using cannabis. Ever.

  • No.

    Marijuana itself cannot cause a heart attack directly, although smoking pot raises blood pressure and heart rate, leading to hypertension. Over time, hypertension can lead to heart attacks, but as long as the marijuana is used in a medical fashion, it can actually be beneficial to your health. See your doctor.

  • Not Related.

    No, pot cannot cause a heart attack. Smoking is not healthy but pot is an herb, a plant. It is totally natural and does not contain anything toxic that will harm you to that degree. I do not support the use of this drug, but it cannot cause this type of illness.

  • No

    No I do not think I have ever heard of a heart attack being caused by smoking marijuana. I know there are some health risk with smoking it, but side effects to the heart are not something common. I'm sure there are some people that smoke marijuana and have had heart attacks but I would guess they had other risk factors.

  • Marijuana cannot cause heart attacks.

    Marijuana cannot cause heart attacks. People there is no scientific evidence linking marijuana use and heart attacks. In cases where someone who had recently used marijuana had heart trouble, they had ingested other drugs such as caffeine or speed. Correlation does not equal causation; marijuana does not cause heart attacks.

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