• Oh Cannabis can indeed be the underlying trigger of panic attacks

    It's called Brain Chemistry.

    I'm a ten year long smoker and lover of Cannabis. Quite Frankly, life sucks without it. Sure I have a good job, a beautiful wife and a lovely home, but the fact is when you love something so much and it has to be taken away from you because it's hurting you in some way, it becomes very depressing.

    Cannabis is fantastic, but when it begins causing panic attacks for whatever psychological reason, it becomes and evil.

    I'm sitting here with a beer, ashamed that I'm drinking it. Sad because now I'm just another idiot who has to go through life without enjoying highs, pretending I'm righteous and noble for not partaking.

    I wanted to smoke for the rest of my life. Now, I can't even have a single drag of a joint. There is no other drug quite like Cannabis, and now it's gone from me.

  • Yes it is possible

    It happened to me! And has happened every time I've smoke weed since, hence why I don't smoke it anymore. Marijuana makes you paranoid which causes you to over think, this can then lead to anxiety attacks. My heart was racing and reached up to 162bpm, You may think this is a load of rubbish, but until you experience it you will not understand how horrible and damaging weed can be. There may be more deaths from alcohol abuse annually but physical and long term mental problems can arise from smoking too much cannabis!

  • Yes, marijuana can bring on panic attacks

    Short of hallucination, I have witnessed marijuana smokers exhibit all sorts of states of mind. My conclusion is that it amplifies mental states that are already present, so if a person is prone to being anxious, smoking marijuana can accentuate that mind state. Actually, this does not speak to the drug causing panic attacks so much as it does the smoking of it for some people.

  • Takes You Away.

    Marijuana can cause panic attacks. It can make you see things that are not really there and when you come out of that high that is sure to cause a lot of stress, so no it isn't exactly the action of smoking, but it is the effect that could take place when you come down.

  • Sure can cause panic attacks

    Smoked weed for 25 years then one night after smoking really good hash boom all of a sudden got really cold and awful shaking my heartbeat was crazy fast and couldn't breath.I thought I was having a seizure.It went away after 30 min but yes weed can cause panic attacks!

  • Marijuana can definitely cause panic attacks.

    Marijuana can definitely cause panic attacks. The funny thing about marijuana is that it
    affects everyone differently. It relaxes
    some people and it makes some other people very paranoid. Marijuana only enhances the emotions you are
    already feeling. Marijuana can make you
    hear your own heartbeat and think that you are about to die.

  • Its not something that always happens, but it defiantly can

    I had been smoking weed almost everyday for 3 years, and not until this last week had I ever had an anxiety attack caused my smoking. I have struggled with depression and anxiety off and on through out my life, and had found comfort in smoking as it allowed me to relax and sleep. Two weeks ago I started getting strange uncomfortable feelings after I smoked and eventually had evolved in a full fledged panic attack. I cant say it was entirely caused by the marijuana but the fact that now everytime i smoke i get into this panicked state and end up getting an anxiety attack. For now im taking a break from smoking, just wanted to put my own personal experience. Just for anyone who reads this and is struggling, your not alone.

  • Can marijuana cause panic attacks?

    Yes, I feel that it is based on what was mixed in with the pot. THC, etc. It can happen from a contact high if you are sensitive as well. The symptoms can last for a longer time afterward. It is really awful! You can have black out periods, full blown on going sympathetic nervous systems problems for many months after just on time exposure to pot.

  • Been There, Done That

    I just had my first attack. Last night. I smoke medicinally. I usually smoke 4 hits. I smoked considerably more last night. I suffered from symptoms of a panic attack, with everything from flushing of skin, sweating, paranoia, nausea, migraine, etc. ..... While I won't go to far as to say the weed, in itself, cause me to have an attack; I would venture to argue that I smoked more than I should have, and THAT caused it. Part of therapy is finding your "dosage." I apparently went past it.

  • Yes if you are an anxious person

    I believe that if you’re an anxious person already, then it can cause a panic attack. I had one and still get panic attacks since then. Marijuana definitely brings it out and can bring out all your life problems just like alcohol and any other mind altering substance can. Trust me i love the gold old herb but i can’t take a chance of smoking it because i am the type of person that thinks A LOT and i know for a fact it’ll bring me into a panic. So the answer is yes, if you’re already an anxious person.

  • Stupidest thing i've ever heard

    I don't know how you guys think it would cause a panic attack maybe if it was laced but out of all the studies in the entire world i have never seen one that backs up this so called claim it causes panic attacks . I would really like to know where these crack pots get their info from

  • Anyone who says pot can cause a panic attack is misinformed

    It is impossible for cannabis sativa l or indica to hurt you in any way. I love when people say weed can cause a panic attack. What a joke, weed is used to treat anxiety. If you have a panic attack you are having it because either you are smoking laced cannabis or simply events in your life are causing you to have an attack. Weed heightens your sense of awareness and makes your brain think faster, causing you to be high. When people say a side effect of marijuana is panic they are misinformed and need to shut up. Do the science, look at the facts and smoke pure organic flowers if you dont want to get sick.

  • How is this an evenly split debate?

    Throughout my lifetime, I have witnessed first hand a large number of different marijuana users consume their herbage. Whether the participant was an amateur, professional, or even first time user, I have not once witnessed marijuana cause a panic attack. I suppose there is potential for some unfamiliar state of mind to develop that might indirectly prompt a panic attack, but is it fair to say marijuana is accountable? I personally think not. I feel the only people attributing panic attacks to marijuana are people who are already prone to panic attacks and had a bad experience while high, or those who have not smoked at all and simply like to fuel the hate for something they know nothing about.

  • No, marijuana can't cause panic attacks

    I don't believe that marijuana can cause panic attacks, unless you get something that is laced. Marijuana is supposed to relax the body and make a person feel at ease, not give anxiety. Anyone that has had a panic attack from marijuana has gotten some bad stuff, just my opinion though.

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Anonymous says2013-07-02T02:19:36.660
Yes and no. In proper doses it wont (it depends on the person but is extremely unlikely) but if you overdose (pot overdoses are non life threatening btw) it can cause a "green-out" where the person can experience flue like symptoms and possibly cause a panic attack but it will go away and you will be fine after a day or two.