• My firsthand Experience

    I developed depression a few days after a bad weed trip. Panick attacks and anxiety soon followed after. I am still on medications for them but am getting better. Marijuana is not for everybody and definitely comes with its own risks. I still regret that day to this day for sure.

  • Yes it can

    My beautiful son of 21 is going tro hell all because of smoking weed .Dont let anyone tell you differnt .You woundnt allow a virus to get into yr computer so why would you allow something to destroy your mind .Its a gamble are you prepared to take that risk .Cause my beautiful boy wishes he hadnt.

  • Yes. It happened to Me.

    I developed a drug induced psychosis, directly after smoking marijuana. There was no family history in my family of psychotic illness. For me I always had a bad experience when I smoked it - intense anxiety, panic attacks and paranoia, perhaps stemming from early traumatic experiences. Unfortunately I kept smoking it to be accepted by my peers, even when I had these bad experiences. I hate the stuff, because to me it ruined my life. I don't think I will ever be the same person if I had not have smoked it. It was like I was caught up in the bad dream I couldn't wake from. Terror and dread was my constant experience from then and for years on. After the initial drug induced psychosis, I had was wrongly diagnosed with schizophrenia for approximately 10 years. I also have other issues, anxiety, depression, or more broadly Complex PTSD, which these are all a part of. I know though whatever, this drug set off and made all my mental health symptoms so much worse and possibly brought about conditions I would not have experienced or in such intensity otherwise.

  • I know it does.

    I smoked marijuana on a regular basis for a few years and developed psychosis. I convinced myself it wasn't the weed and started smoking again.I ended up in the mental hospital twice and became very violent.My doctor said it was the marijuana that triggered it.I started taking risperadome and the symptoms went away.I wish someone told me to stay away from Marijuana it ruined my life.

  • Yes it can

    At the tender age of 17 my sister was more or less getting into pot and smoking socially with friends. It wasn't a concern until during her senior year of college, she started calling my mom at weird hours of the day crying, claiming people were after her. It got worse. She was hardly able to form clear thoughts and mumbled everything she said, thinking "they" were watching and hearing her. She didn't sleep and hardly ate. Everyone was an enemy and no one could convince her to get help. She accused me of stealing her work and spying on her. I still loved her, despite her constant aggression. The worst was hiding the car keys and sneaking outside to use the car because she would take the car and drive for hours, convinced "they" were after her. She's a bit better now taking meds after spending some nights in a mental hospital, but if she smokes anymore pot she is dipping her toes into the pool of developing schizophrenia.

  • I have seen it happen

    A good friend of mine is in a mental hospital right now suffering from cannabis-induced psychosis. She was incoherent for almost a week and had to be sedated for a week more before she started to come out of it. You can quote all the internet statistics and NORML talking points you want, but none of them can change what happened to her.

  • Results may vary

    Whenever a person takes, whether through eating or inhalation or other means, a drug which alters their perception and their brain chemistry, there is the risk of adverse psychological and physical side effects and one of those side effects could potentially be psychosis. I know many people who have had bad reactions to chemical substances including Marijuana.

  • Only In Already Unstable People

    I know that there are some who develop psychosis from smoking Marijuana or doing other drugs. These people were already prone to developing psychosis, and the drug was just a trigger. I have known some of them. They smoked pot and went crazy. The doctors eventually diagnosed them with schizophrenia or another related disease.

  • Yes

    All drugs can cause an altered state of mind. This could lead to psychosis. Who knows what can be in the marijuana. It might be laced with something that would cause them to be even more crazy than just normal. Marijuana is a gateway drug that leads to way more problems down the road.

  • I believe it does.

    I believe that long term marijuana use could very well cause psychosis. Prolonged use of a substance that alters the user's mood would eventually alter the user's brain's chemical balance. The potential of psychosis is one reason why I believe marijuana use should not be legalized. Marijuana is mood and mind altering.

  • Marijuana is one of the best medicines on Earth

    While I'm not a doctor, and can't give a true medical opinion on the topic, I have smoked some pot in my youth. I'm sure it's possible that any substance could cause I chemical imbalance is some persons brain. Chemistry is different from person to person. In general though, it's the drug that has had the least impact, in both side effects and socially out of any drug category. It is safe for consumption for 99.9% of the population.

  • It's a question of nutritional status.

    Like most drugs (and I include here alcohol, caffeine and sugar in addition to the "illegal" ones) marijuana acts on the brain, changing the way we process information and memories. All that activity needs certain nutrients, among them vitamins of the b complex family.

    Increased activity of the neurotransmitters will use up some of those nutrients, and it could conceivably push a person with already precarious nutritional status over the brink into incoherence.

    I would avoid the word "psychosis" and I would certainly avoid to say that "marijuana causes psychosis" because of two things.

    First, nutrient depletion is a factor common to pretty much all drugs, second, psychosis is a label for a phenomenon we have little understanding of. So let's not single out one drug for something that is really a consequence of a lack of nutritional support and let's not degrade into name-calling, which the word "psychosis" amounts to.

    Illness of the psyche or rather a disregulation of the way we process information, is a rather generic thing that can be brought about by many factors.

  • Personal Experience with Marijuana induced psychosis

    42 years ago I was a typical kid who wanted to experiment with drugs I was smoking pot, but did not get any adverse effects from it. The I started messing around with LSD. I ended up having a terribly bad trip. It almost put me in the loony bin for good. I gave it up, but I still tried smoking pot. The kicker is that now, every time I tried pot it ended up with a terrible flashback and really scary psychosis. I had to give up the pot also to get my brain to heal, which took years.
    I could never think of doing pot now. Just the thought of it brings on paranoia. I happen to drink socially and have never had any psychotic experiences from that. It is very predictable where marijuana is not. I do agree that there are lots of people who should never drink.
    I have a brother-in-law who did pot all his life for 45 years. He lost his ambition to do anything with his life. All he wanted to do is get 'stoned'. He ended up being a disaster as a parent and provider for his family.
    Don't tell me that it is less dangerous than alchohol.

  • Psychosis is a very strong word...

    I do not believe that marijuana by itself is that dangerous, at least not anywhere as near as dangerous as alcohol. Don't get me wrong, it is a gateway drug that can lead to abuse of stronger drugs. It causes people to become forgetful and lazy. The smoke that is inhaled is detrimental to the user's health. Causing someone to go crazy, though? If that does happen, it is probably in rare circumstances.

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