• Yes

    I believe that marijuana can cure depression because I have seen this happen myself. I had a friend who was overdosing on antidepressants that her doctor kept throwing at her. Once she started smoking marijuana, she got off of her pills and got back to normal. I believe smoking that is much better than the dangerous pills!

  • Not a cure

    I was depressed and started smoking weed and for a few years thought it helped me but after five or six I realized it was a crutch that could no longer support my depression. The only cure for depression is turning to the Lord. Only He can actually solve your problems

  • Depression can be treated

    I believe, however, that it is better off to be treated by psychotherapy than by chemical means. Marijuana impacts the distribution of serotonin in the brain, just as an SSRI might do in some cases, but we should instead treat the leading cause of depression: peoples' inability to cope with the stress in their lives. Marijuana, like any drug, can only mask the symptoms.

  • Key word: "cure"

    A better debate would be focused on whether depression is something that can be cured. I personally don't think it could, and I feel like I'm in the strong majority with that opinion. That being said, I would strongly agree with the idea that marijuana can be used as an effective combatant of depression. I feel like for depression to be cured in any way there should be some type of therapy to find and evaluate the source of depression.

  • No

    Marijuana cannot cure depression, but nothing can actually cure depression. In reality, only the symptoms of depression can be treated. Many people use marijuana to treat depression. Medical marijuana is prescribed in many states where it is used legally as a treatment for depression and anxiety. It is not a cure, but a groundbreaking treatment indeed.

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