• Yes, marijuana can harm you.

    Marijuana can harm you. Using marijuana can cause a person to have a rapid heartbeat or they can experience disorientation. Marijuana smoke has many cancer causing substances in it. Smoking it can damage your lungs. People who use marijuana for long periods of time can have brain damage and it can affect a person's memory.

  • Marijuana can harm you.

    Marijuana is a drug and it can have a bad effect on your health. Smoking anything, marijuana or any other drug, is bad for the lungs. Also, mind altering drugs can impair people's judgements and can lead them into dangerous situations. Marijuana also causes people to overeat which can make them obese.

  • Any substance that introduced into the body can harm

    Yes, I think that marijuana can harm you. It is a natural substance, but in the big picture of things, so is tobacco. As natural as it is, it an unnatural substance in the human body. Adding on the issue is the way the substance in ingested. Lungs were not made to inhale smoke, so I would have to think that marijuana is not healthy.

  • Marijuana Can Be Deadly

    Marijuana can not only harm you, but it can also cause death. Smoking marijuana may cause cancer, which is a very deadly disease. Furthermore, marijuana can also cause a person to become very lethargic. In addition, marijuana impairs a person's motor skills and can cause them to die in a certain accident they otherwise wouldn't.

  • In a Word, Yes

    Marijuana is a crutch. And like a real crutch, if you hurt your foot and used a crutch, and never put your foot down, you would likely never give up your crutch. If you never deal with your problems and keep using marijuana to cope, you will be emotionally crippled for life.

  • Marijuana is a drug.

    Anything that alters the body is harmful towards it. The DSM recognizes marijuana use as a substance abuse disorder and it can also cause marijuana induced psychosis. Marijuana alters brain activity, heart rate, oxygen saturation, causes malaise, psychosis, and ahedonia. Just because it causes less damage than other substances doesn't mean its healthy or better for you.

  • Any drug can harm you

    Marijuana can harm you but so does alcohol and tabboco. Evidence shows the occasional moderate use is rarely seriously harmful so moderation is the key. In other words don't become a stoner and treat marijuana as a tool for medicine properties just treat it right and it will treat you right.

  • I've tried it

    No harm here! Marijuana can not harm you, but guns can. Get rid of the guns and we won't have druggo's shootin' people. Let me have my marijuana, but don't give me the gun. I enjoy marijuana and it has never harmed me before. Peace out, go get some, love from me.

  • The only "harm" is throat irritation.

    Assuming that "harm" is meant in a physical way, no. A study by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, and the University of Alabama at Birmingham shows that it doesn't carry the same risks as tobacco does. As stated "The analyses showed pot didn't appear to harm lung function, but cigarettes did. Cigarette smokers' test scores worsened steadily during the study. Smoking marijuana as often as one joint daily for seven years, or one joint weekly for 20 years was not linked with worse scores. Very few study participants smoked more often than that."
    Some did develop throat irritation when smoking, but one must keep in mind that there are many ways to consume cannabis that doesn't involve inhaling heated plant matter.
    There has also been no direct correlation between lung cancer and marijuana use (http://www.Harmreductionjournal.Com/content/pdf/1477-7517-2-21.Pdf).

  • Marijuana Not Harmful

    I believe there are some bad aspects of marijuana, but overall, it is not a particularly harmful plant. Marijuana has many benefits and only a few downfalls. I think if someone was going to point out it's true major flaw, the they would say that it creates malaise, but then again, it's obviously not a stimulant.

  • Yes marijuana can be harmful

    Marijuana is a drug and does alter your mind. It can do harm to your body. Granted the harm from marijuana is a lot less then the harm from many other illegal drugs but it still does harm. Whether the harm is low enough to make the drug legal remains a hot debate.

  • No.

    This question is so vague, anything can be pulled from it. Sure, smoking marijuana increases the risk of cancer, or a person who abuses it can be have their lifestyle and relationships harmed, but as far as any significant harm, marijuana is a rather innocuous drug. Compared to drinking alcohol, or smoking, which are two legal substances, marijuana causes barely even a fraction of the damage.

  • Marijuana

    Inhalation of in any form of burnt plant matter will cause increase the chance cancer. It is not the Marijuana itself causing the sickness. In fact, there have been studies that suggest Marijuana may reduce an individual's chances of developing cancer. There are options such as vaporizing that gives all the benefits of the drug without the dangers of smoke inhalation.

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