• Yes Marijuana Can Help Anxiety

    Marijuana is know for mellowing people out. when you have anxiety isn't that like being anxious. If more people with anxiety problems smoked weed in theory they would have little choice but to calm down. From personal experience smoking marijuana enables a person to be lazy, and it lowers the heart rate. So if you are anxious smoke a bowl.

  • Marijuana can help a lot of things.

    Marijuana is not a miracle drug by any means, but I know that I have benefited on many different occasions from smoking a joint when I have had an anxiety attack. Its also good if you are really pissed about something and need to chill out. Drinking only makes you angrier.

  • Yes, marijuana can help with anxiety.

    First a general observation:
    Marijuana tends to "mellow out" many users, especially (for example) compared to alcohol. Since the effect is calming, then (almost) by definition marijuana can help with anxiety.

    Next, a medical source:
    "Some patients have found the mood altering effects of marijuana to be helpful for treating mood disorders such as anxiety, depression and bipolar (manic-depressive) illness. Using marijuana to treat mood disorders was described in medical writings in the 19th and early 20th centuries.. ~Bill Zimmerman, PhD author of Is Marijuana the Right Medicine For You?

    It would appear to be very difficult to take the opposite side of this question.

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  • I agree with it

    It's good yea and it supports the argument that is trying to take place so I would agree with it and yea . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . .

  • I tried it for the first time in 12 years. It worked

    Ok I normally have a little of anxiety but over the last month some things have happened and my anxiety went up up and up. Well the stresses that caused my anxiety are all gone. But the anxiety would go away. I have dizzy spells and a lump in my throat all the time now. Well I called a friend in desperate attempts because I refuse to take prescription drugs. Lucky she had some and for the first time in 4 weeks I was calm. Happy. My throat was fine and I felt ok. It wears of pretty fast but still I think I will use it if it helps.

  • With abilify depression can fly away

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  • No smoke without fire...

    Wide - spread reports of people self - medicating and finding relief, in conjunction with the findings from avaliable scientific evidence, suggest there is legitimacy to the claim; the extent of which should clearly be investigated.

    I have a personality disorder and associated anxiety. Some strains of weed increase my anxiety, some reduce. Overall it numbs more anxiety than it causes. It works more effectively, and with less side effects, than any prescription meds I've tried.

  • Marijuana is my perfect medicine!

    I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, PTSD, generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, and depression at 14 years old. All the doctors/psychiatrists i've seen have given me zoloft, lexapro, cymbalta, zyprexa, buspar...A whole list of different things to try and help me. They were all HORRIBLE! That's when I had a friend tell me about how if helps her with anxiety and tried it. After smoking, it's almost as if I never was anxious in the first place. I have problems with my irritability and anger and weed numbs the tension and helps me to relax and think on a more rational level. Yes, it can help :)

  • Marijuana can help anxiety

    Marijuana has been proven to help many medical conditions, some of which involve using it to calm the user. The marijuana makes the user relax themselves, which is exactly what can be used to help people with anxiety. Im sure that if this was done as a proper medication it would work pretty effectively.

  • Marijuana increases anxiety

    Yes, there are some studies showing that marijuana can reduce anxiety. But there are others showing that marijuana is associated with two times the anxiety levels. It's hard to tell which study is correct, but marijuana also leads to other behaviors that increase anxiety and reduce the ability to deal with anxiety. In particular, marijuana use increases fatigue and decreases motivation and the desire to engage in positive activities, isolating the individual and reducing the integral support network. Once you come down from your high, you can find yourself in situations that cause even more anxiety than before.

    Posted by: JonO

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